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^ nowhere particularly interesting, though monday I will be going out to alta city to grab my friend from Germany and entertain her for a couple days.

<good luck with those classes.  They are online, so you have complete control over when you get them done!

> thought he would hate cons, and is now planning for his second one, Sac Anime.

VWould you contemplate doing a No More Heroes Cosplay ever?
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^ I'd prolly do Death Metal if I worked out, he's pretty cut.

< cons do that to ya, they're addicting!

> has currently watched more anime in this summer than I have my entire life.  My summer breaks are too long.

V Current favorite anime?
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- My current favorite anime would have to be Ouran Highschool Host Club (partly because I watched it awhile back and it's always a good one to watch, though I love many)
-I think it's cool you've watched a lot of anime, since I haven't much this summer
- My first cosplay was when I was 12, and it was at my first Fanime and convention ever
- If you could cosplay as any one of your favorite ships (and yes your other half resembles the character) which would you do and why?


^ I could only think about Rinoa and Squall from FFVIII. I am considering to cosplay Rinoa so bonus points if I ever do get a Squall. :P
< My first cosplay was when I was 14 I believe. Closet OC cosplay. Nuff said.
> I just had a breakup so no couple cosplays. *awkward lol* SOMEDAY A NEW PRINCE WILL COME~
V Dreaming of your prince/princess will come for you?


^Yes, dreaming of being a girl's knight in shining armor.
< Sorry about the break, I can't honestly imagine the pain.
> I've been thinking about choosing Intelligence instead of Military Police as my MOS, but I'm also interested in mechanics.
v How were your high school years?


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^ Kinuko Oomori. If not possible, then Marina Inoue. And I guess we could play Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros.
< Tried to watch Steins Gate
> Loved the Deadman Wonderland anime
v When you see or hear the title School Days, what is the first thing that comes to mind?
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Yay, Haruko.


^ Nice boat
< Big Yoko fan
> Going to try to become an Officer in the near future
v Whats your favorite pokemon?


^ A dead one. Just kidding, I'm not a fan. Besides pokemon never die.

< Cool interesting field your planing to enter.

> I loved Stien's Gate top animes of '11. You have to get passed ep 11 or 12 then it goes crazy. The little things from eps 1-10 turn into huge snow ball effect.

v Are you geting sick of hearing "the manga was better than the anime" I am.
I slaped a friend while we where watching anime in my house. Thats all he keep saying. I told him  "your here to watch anime not to tell me you already read about. Now  shut up or gtfo"
Sorry about the mini rant...
Not your typical anime junkie.
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^ Not so much. Most of my friends are having an anime fall-out. I recently had one and just got back in after watching "Another." Gorey stuff right there. Reminds me a lot of School Days. Lol. Speaking of which, I just heard recently, "The game is much better than the Anime." XD
< Does not like Pokemon.
> I've been falling behind on my anime since Anime Expo and recently got back into it. I just finished watching Mawaru Penguindrum and at first I thought it was uninteresting with transformation sequences episode after episode but as the characters grew it became pretty suspenseful, and the iconic penguins interacting in the background were welcoming signs of comic relief. At one point, while at work, I could only ponder what was going to happen next. I had never felt such discord and anticipation since watching School Days.
v What anime you have seen, has influenced you the most?

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^ Gurren Lagann really made me man up no joke, and it helped me pass math class and ultimately graduate high school
< awsome blitzcrank for a cosplay
> I need to watch more anime + get more friends that are into anime + draw much more often +! LOSE SOME DAMN weight so i will look better when i cosplay as itachi, i got the hair for it same with Kirito from SAO and not having too many friends that are into anime is no bueno, plus get out much more often, in some way I could be a NEET dont get out much been looking for jobs missed college deadline, hows that for a simple fact lol my bad
v what is your goal for your next anime convention?

Been going to Fanime Since 2008


^ I only go to Fanime and I pretty much have the same goals every year: Have Fun, Cosplay and...repeat the last two goals throughout the con.
< Needs some friends who likes anime and has a goal to lose weight
> I haven't been on forums in a while but I've been having college troubles...In spite of that I still put in time for games...including LoL...ehehe
V Can you tell us a funny story that happened between you and your friend(s)/family? If not, then what would be your dream job and why?
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^ So last FanimeCon, I returned to my hotel room one afternoon. I quickly walked inside undid my belt as I closed the door and looked up to see two of my room mates in the middle of changing. I turned around and I almost stumbled out the door. (>////<) My inner-retard said, "Wow that looked bad. Looked like "rape" bad." XO I cracked the door open a bit and explained and apologized. As they gleefully accepted my apologies I said. "I saw panties!" (^-^) My inner-retard just said, "Wow, you really know how to woo the ladies." (-_-')
< Plays League of Legends, Add me, "Tranquil Havoc"
> I've been playing less and less Black Ops 2 day by day after I had got it. It feels like there is a half-second of lag time, I will hear and see two or three shots fired by the enemy but when I watch the kill-cam, it was actually five or seven rounds. I've spend more time making emblems than actually playing now. I'm pretty proud of the emblems and I want to show them off in combat, that's the real reason why I keep playing. :P
v What's your dream home?

In my left brain, there's nothing right & in my right brain, there's nothing left.


^Somewhere comfortable and happy. Probably have built many versions of my dream homes on the sims >.<
<Also plays a game called League of Legends, that I have no clue what it is.
>Has not been on the forums in ages and decided to come back, even though I can't attend Fanime this year >.<
V What would you do if you had only 3 days to live?


^ Fulfill every possible achievement and challenge I can while at the same time continuing to be my everyday self in a way that the person I would hope to be with would still love me for.
< I haven't been on teh forums for a while but just got back on recently to make my presence known.
> I love books(don't have to mention manga). I like science fiction novels in particular and like to collect older(as in dusty cover, faded ink) books. I also know where you live.
V Do you know what I did last Fanime?

if that the master a 'prentice have,
Entirely then that he him tell,
That he the craft ably may know,
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^No sorry
<Apparently knows were I live. How is Japan's weather to you?
> really wants a heated blanket?
V Congrats, you are having triplets what are their names? (Darn it sims!)


^Thing 1, Thing 2 and "that-thing-over-there"
< I've seen worse. Favorite country(other than Japan)?
> I work today T-T
V Do you have a job? If not, warum?

if that the master a 'prentice have,
Entirely then that he him tell,
That he the craft ably may know,
Wheresoever he go under the sun.


^ I teach English at a cafe here in Japan.
<has work
>doesn't have work, but kanji class :(
V What do hope life is like in 20 years?


^ I'll be a CEO... or president of teh world... or both. Kinda why I'm in college and pinch pennies to finance my master plan.
< Work is for the poor. Favorite active-activity?
> I wish I could read/speak Japanese at least at beginner level (only know a few words)
V Sprechen sie deutsche?

if that the master a 'prentice have,
Entirely then that he him tell,
That he the craft ably may know,
Wheresoever he go under the sun.


^dont know German, but have few German friends here in Japan and my cousin studied/went to Germany
<keeps asking a question on this part. Favorite active activity is dancing I guess.
> I wish I could easily join a dance class or study it again.
V where is your dream house?