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^ Saturday morning I was wearing my Densha de Go! E3 Series Shinkansen SD train suit. I entered an elevator on the street level of the convention center and as the door was closing I hear a group of Fanime attendees say "Train in the elevator!" from a distance. My general reach is limited with the train around my waist so I wasn't able to punch the door open button. Instead I gave them a Japan Railways salute and as the elevator doors slid closed the two or three attendees at the other end of the hallway did the same.  Outstanding convention year all around but that's what I'll remember most.
< Recovering from con.
> Laundry today then preparing for end-of-con prop inspection and making a repair list.
V Favorite thing you bought / saw at Fanime this year?

^ The leather guy! My partner and I kept visiting him in the Artist Alley and finally got some nicely inexpensive and super sweet bracelets from him. Twas good!
< I hope your recovery was a swell one!
> Hoping to snag a job with my newly formed resume. In need of funds to support my hobby!
v Current goals?

^ Ride out this last year at my current job, essentially finishing up a 15 year unit of my working life.
< Made the last post here over 3 months ago!
> Spent the evening getting caught up around here.
V Planning for 2016 or taking a break and relaxing?

^ Ah don't really have plans for Fanime aside from getting into the Just Dance booth a bit more than last year. Fun stuff! Thinking of attending other cons, actually.
< Any plans, yourself?
> Thinking of what to do regarding my life. Many options to consider.
v What's some good advice for a youngster?

^ Well I'm only 33 but if I could say something it would be to enjoy every moment you can experience, even the ones that suck ass. That's what makes people who they are.  Life's about opportunities and choices - everything else should just be enjoyed.  :)
< Is making some decisions.
> In response to above, yeah I've been really starting to get new cosplay underway.  I've been "location scouting" off and on for a couple months (which basically means taking screen captures and building design sheets).  My girlfriend and I have been deconstructing and redrafting patterns and coming up with some construction gameplans.  No big props this time, which I'm thankful because I don't have the space in my apartment for something like another bullet train.
V Are you in the midst of a heat wave right now like I am?


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