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^ Both
< Seems to like Family Guy
> I'm still getting used to this thread
v What operating sytem do you use?

An AX member... a regular on the AX forums...

On *MY* forums? At *MY* convention?!


Cool, glad to have you.  ;D

^ Vista Home Premium 64, XP Pro, OS X, couple of Linux distros...
< Seems like he's been around a long time. FanimeCon veterans make this job fun!
> Running FanimeCon is, on average, a part-time job.
V Do you have a regular breakfast, and if so, what is it?

^ I usually have a yogurt every morning. =3  Yummy, healthy, and filling~ (I have a small stomach lol)
< :O! Runs Fanime!  Oh snap. XD
> Stomach is sore today from sit ups yestiddy. ;n; Curse me for going so far for the sake of being fit for anime. >n<
V What's your dream cosplay?

^ - Probably Miroku from Inuyasha - Gives me a semi legitimate reason to grope a cute Sango with various results :P
< - works very hard and learning several dance routines and works out for an epic Cosplay body! Woot :)
> - trying to inspire myself to also lose some pounds to some day have a semi-decent cosplay reputation  8)
V - Where would your dream vacation be and why?  :D

^ New York: just exploring alone around Manhattan for hours and hours....
< Lives close to where I used to live
> I'm getting the hang of my credit card
v Alternative, metal or punk?


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