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^ Actually, today was the first day in a while where there was a a lot of clouds and a bit of a breeze, so it was pretty nice.
< I'll try my best to enjoy it while I can! : )
> I've had three jobs in the past year and I've become sick of each them very easily... hopefully things will settle soon!
v How was your day today?

^ well in all honesty it was not great but if all days were, then how would we know they are great.
< i hope things with the jobs worked out since you were last here!!!
>This is my first time to Fanime and Cosplaying, and i am sort of new to the bay area, so it is very nerve-racking and exciting times!!! >.<
v Wanna be high-five buddies for the Con?

^ If you would kindly elaborate
< That's exciting! Hope things go well for you pal
> Still feelin all over the place with everything. Also, summer has begun: let the mess resume!!
v How do you settle down?

^ Caffeine. Lots of it!
< Oh man. Good luck!
> Started a new job role.
v What's new with you?

^I found this forum! And finally decided to pick a name. Yay!
<That's cool!
>I believe fruity deserts are better than chocolate or vanilla ones.
v Favorite piece of clothing?


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