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^Fleece inside and cotton outside
< Yay for lower blood sugar!
>Going back to school to finish my AA.
V What anime will be big next Fanime?

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Q: ^ Love Live....SUNSHINE!! No, but seriously though....

P: < Good luck getting your AA! I know it can be difficult~ Since art majors gotta take math like Intermediate Algebra and stuff because for some reason the rules have changed.

F: > I am excited for fanime because I believe I upgraded my Catwoman cosplay plluuuuusss it'll be my first time showing my Fianna (genderbent Finny Black Butler) and DC's White Rabbit cosplay. ^-^ Even though I lack contacts so I will be wearing glasses for these non-glasses wearing characters.

N: V Have you ever cosplayed before?

^ Yup. Although I probably won't be this coming Fanime due to the lack of time.
< That's cool. Is there gonna be a Black Butler gathering?
> Finally returned to the forums after a long absence!
v How's your anime backlog looking like?

^ im caught up since the seasonal line-up is bleh until OPM S2 comes around. But Young Justice however...
< I too have been away from here for some time
> So i've been reading a lot of DC Comics lately (particularly Batman) & veering away from novels i'm suppose to read
v You read recreationally?

^ I don't read at all.
< Looking forward to the new Wonder Woman movie?
> Caught up with Season 2 of Attack On Titan
V What do you expect for Fanime 2017?


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