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Started by Vensy, August 06, 2009, 01:52:50 PM

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^No i like Espeon
<is job hunting
>I feel old
V do you like sweets??
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^ Too much for my own good. I think though I might have a cavity. :( I have weak enamel, so I get cavities easily. No fun :(
< Shouldn't feel old :)
> Was in Berkley tonight :)
V Do you collect anything?


^ There is a collection of Green Arrow action figures on my desk, and that doesn't even light a candle to the collectible games that I have.
< Loves sweet things.  You are what you eat, right? ;)
> I was at a party tonight and I'm still feeling the effects of the drinks.
v What do you do to tone your abs?
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^ I eat when I don't have my phone. Q_Q
> drinks
< Woke up and got to school in 10 minutes. Then had to go recite two monologues. Then noticed after that my zipper was down. FML.
v If you give a mouse a cookie...
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^ He'll ask for a glass of milk. D:
> Yeah, your life's pretty f***
< There's a strike outside my school dining commons because of the new required meal plans. For the hell of it, I skipped their free food that they were offering and went in anyway to eat. :D People were glaring at me.
V Why do you have that picture as your avatar?
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^ I cosplay as her. Atleast I did.
< You said you didn't want to eat D:
> Went to the protest and got a burger :D
V Favorite ice cream flavor?


^  I'm simple and always liked vanilla~ but that doesnt mean i dont like to have random mix-ins or toppings or having it in a waffle cone or something!

<  wore an awesome cosplay @ Fanime :D

>  wore a backpack full of junk labeled with "wildnerness explorer" stickers all over it.

V  What was your favorite cosplayer(s) or pictures from Fanime 2010? [epic picture times again!]

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From OpenHappy. I really like this picture, and I actually saw the guy too!!! But I didn't have a camera, so I had to swipe OpenHappy's TT^TT

< Gave me chocolate when I was in line for L.M.C!! It was awesomes chocolate :D

> To Aurora: Yeah, I really wasn't that hungry, but I wanted to defy the protestors! :]

V Same question, cuz I like this topic <3
"No matter how much you long for someone, if they're distant enough, there won't be any crazy hopes or broken hearts." --Masaru (Mogura to Taiyou)  


They had the nicest outfits out of the pictures I had XD
< got chocolate and you didn't share Maki! XD You seriously went in the dinning commons... =/ Well I guess you don't want to protest the place that you work at.
> wants finals to be over with XD
V Same thing :D


^  too lazy to upload pics >w<

<  ware an adorable cosplay at fanime

> Was cham cham (p2 outfit)

V  did anyone get a pic of me as cham cham?
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^ Sorry, I don't even know what or who Cham-Cham is.
< Was a tiger-cat-girl. I looked it up just now. On a brighter note, I did see you.
> I like hugs. I got a lot of them today.
V what are two words you'd never expect to hear together in a sentence?

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^ Uhmmm..... rapist penguins is what my cousin said... I couldn't come up with any.
< got hugs today XD
> My cousin and I are bored.
V What were you doing 30 minutes ago?


^Was putting up my resume on
<Was at speed dating at Fanime
>As was I
V Prefer hot weather or cold weather?
Starting work for Fanime 2011


^ Cold weather! It's much easier to keep warm in cold weather than it is to keep cool in hot weather.
< Got some digits at Fanime. XD
> It's is so bloody hot! I'm sweating just from sitting here. If it gets this hot tomorrow...I'm going swimming!
V Do you know someone your age who can't swim?

In my left brain, there's nothing right & in my right brain, there's nothing left.

michiko nakano

^ yes.

< swims

> does not swim anymore

v do you swim?


^ probably for a little while in a swimming pool, but I tire out too easily >_<

<  probably looks great in a swim suit!

>  should NOT be seen in a swim suit til I work out more this summer. :P

V  going to the beach this summer?

Games, Friends & Fanime oh my! :D


^ I certainly hope so, but we'll see if my school and work schedules allow that much free time. I'd like to at least go use my membership and free passes to the Monterey Bay Aquarium sometime this summer if nothing else...

< Looks fine and really doesn't need to work out.

> Can't use her apartment's pool since it's being renovated, which sucks because it's sooooo hot lately and we don't have air conditioning.

V How do you beat the heat?
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^ I go swimming as well :)
< Can't swim in her apartment's pool :(
> Won at Minigolf :D but my mom won the free game though. I usually win those. >:( Dang it Milpitas Golfland
V What is your favorite thing to do during the summer?


^ Grilling. I'm big on cooking, and summer is the time to whip out the grill and make some delicious meals. :3

< Is way better at Minigolf than I.

> Just got to eat the first strawberry from her garden and it was amazing~

V What's your favourite summer food?
Attending FanimeCon for 15 years in 2019


^ Burgers from the grill :)
< has strawberries :o
> will miss the dorms :(
V Anything upsetting you right now?