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Started by Vensy, August 06, 2009, 01:52:50 PM

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^  This one! bonus points if you know who it is :P

< Made me feel special by telling me cosplay plans before irl friends. :P

> Turns out I'm not selling at Fanime AA again this year.  Oh well, the con is more fun when not on business anyway ^^

v What's your current fixation?
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^ NBA 2K12... yeah, My Player mode

< Suezo! I miss getting monsters from my mom's Nonstop Disco Dance Mix CDs

> I've been getting in to Retro Hunters lately too. Watch them on Youtube and Screwattack. Sounds like a plug but it's just my opinion.

V What progress to your Fanime plans have been done up to now? And what still needs to be done?


^ Pre-reg still needs to be done. OTL I'm horrible with time management...
< Getting into Retro Hunters.
> I just realized that I could don on a quidditch uniform for Fanime's sports theme this year. WHY AM I REALIZING THIS NOW I DON'T KNOW. NOW THERE'S MORE FOR ME TO SEW. ... I honestly don't know at this point. .___.
V Plan to do something related to Fanime's sports theme?


^ I want to do a anime-related jersey
< Ooh, a Fanime-themed Quidditch uniform, that should be interesting
> I just found a Japan Club at my local college, and it seems pretty alright
V Are you in any school clubs?


^ Sadly no. But I'm trying to reactivate my college's anime club since it had to get shut down by idiotic ex-bf few years back >.>
< I've seen you a lot on the forums but I haven't been here since 2010 so sadly I forgot much about everyone I used to know here. Sorry....
> Currently making my fiancée jealous of Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji ^.^;;;;
v How long have you been in the forums?
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Kagome (Inuyasha) <all weekend>


^ This is actually my first day, lol. I'm trying to get to know people before Fanime, so I signed up for the forums.
< I really like Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji like you too! :)
> 2012 will be my first time going to Fanime.
V If you could pick anyone to be one of the special guests at con, who would it be?
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Rory Mercury from GATE

Locke Octavian

^ Johnny Yong Bosch.  Met him at a con a couple years back and really enjoy him at con.
< It's gonna be my first Fanime as well
> Have 59 days left to finish all my cosplays for a different con (Sakuracon) and then a couple months inbetween to make them better before Fanime.  Feeling the time crunch.
V How much time do you give yourself to finish cosplays before a con?


^ Last year I started with the cosplay creation in January, learning how-to and building Claymore armor, and finished it on the morning of the second day of the con. I also built 2 steampunk costumes just 24-hours before Fanime started as well, at the same time. Most stressful time ever.
< First Fanime was exciting for me, I think most will diggit. Just a bit of warning if at an attached hotel, watch out for the Party elevators in the Marriott.
> This is going to be my I've been attending FanimeCon since the beginningth time.
v Is it me or is the Convention Center Lobby Snack Bar Churros the hardest substance in the known universe? *$800 Split tooth fix -- double-ouch*.


^wouldn't know, never tryed
< has build his own costumes
> i saw a site where i can get some Sket Dance gear, including the wristband(which i need) & Bossun's red cap( which i wanna sport, just for the hell of it). As you can image, i just lost it when i stumbled upon all this swag. But it's in Japanese & Google can't translate all of that. Maybe the stores in SF Japantown has em'. Hmmmm, i must find legit excuse to go up there!!!

v Do you tend to pick up any habits or characteristics from your favorite anime character?
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^ Not really. I did used to imitate some of the things they would say, but nothing really past that.
< It would be awesome to see your cosplay. :3
> I am exhausted. I'm determined to get my body as toned as it possibly can be for my cosplays before Fanime. Yay to determination but boo to the fact that my body is screaming bloody murder right now.
V What character do you think people will cosplay the most at Fanime?
Fanime 2016 Cosplay:

Rory Mercury from GATE


^ I honestly think it will actually be a toss up because everyone is awesome. :3
<I love this game. It makes you think hard on what is in the happening for all communities.
>yes it is my first post on this forum (ironically this is my 66th forum I am/have been a part of) but not my last
V what do you think we, as a community, can do to make the world a better place for one and all?


^ Who is this "we" you speak of? In general I think the best thing PEOPLE could do is stop polluting the earth...
< You certainly like forums ^_^
> I really really need to start saving for fanime if i'm going to be able to afford the hotel room :(
v What are you doing to save for fanime?


^I actually haven't been saving up for Fanime (not yet at least) but usually I'd try to not spend too much in my account and/or set aside some cash.
< Needs to start saving up for a hotel room
> I need a good place to buy fabric. I'm in the bay area but there aren't really any good fabric shops least not that I know of. Been wanted to finish up and start some cosplays for a while now. I'm sorta wonder how the heck am I going to get thick ribbed fabric for FFVIII's Rinoa.
V Having a hard time with something lately?
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^same old crap. Finances, staying focused, how i'm lacking more cool stuff. It's not all bad though ;D
< fabric place in the Bay area, huh? ummmm.......Fabrics R 'Us? IDK, i hear these things from other ppl
> let the weekend get here already plz. Feels like this week is dragging ass, mostly cuz I'm stuck doing desk work for the most of it.
v You're here because you want to avoid doing what right now?
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^nope, chuck testa. I am doing this due to personal enjoyment in my "weekend"
<sorry for your pain Brother/sister. i know the feeling.
>I know of 2 fabric shops in sonoma county, an hour north of san fran, idk how far you want to go north darkmoonlitstar. but none the less, Goat tacos for dinner!
V What was your most recent "exotic" meal? exotic being something you do not consider normal food.


^ I don't do exotic I have a weak stomach
< Needs to post here more ^_^
> I gotta get my butt in gear and stop spending all my money >_>
v If you could be 1 character in any anime/manga which would you be and why? :)


^ I wonder what life would be like as Kyon from the Haruhi series
< I hear that, I spend way too much when I need to be saving
> ...for Fanime
V How much do you have saved up for this year's Fanime?


^ So far only $200 but I really don't save up for cons I just go with the flow. If needs be I'll spend more.
< I know.. four days of con-awesomeness takes a toll on the wallet.
> I guess you could say I got addicted to cons, AX was my first, went for 1 day then next year added another day, then found out about Fanime and did the same, now going to do the full 4 days. Maybe trying cosplay for the first time.
v How nervous where you when you first cosplayed?
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^ I didn't really expected anything to be honest. Having pictures of me taken was a pleasant experience. So not much nervousness from me just excitement. :P
< Thinking of cosplaying the first time. I hope to see it by Fanime! :)
> Must save. Must sew. Must keep up grades. Sounds simple enough. ... THREE AND A HALF MONTHS LEFT GAHHHH
V Got any stories of time crunches?


^ there was that one time where i was doing an all-nighter on my Physics assignment about several full chapters long. I finally get them done, get 3 hours of ZZZ's back, & go to class just to find out that IT WASN'T DUE UNTIL THE NEXT WEEK!!! <---wasted effort

< now you have an idea of what college is like

> i got a crap ton of remixes of songs by Foster the People that it's starting to look ridiculous

v When was the last time you hung out in public with other cosplayers such as yourself? (for me, it was just the past weekend. #CrazyParty)
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