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Started by Vensy, August 06, 2009, 01:52:50 PM

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^ The last time would have to be SacAnime. I've been too tied up with work to hang out since then.
< It's never ridiculous if its Foster the People :)
> My co-worker thinks it's a scientific fact that if you trade saliva with someone- and let's say they're Italian, when that person's saliva gets to your bloodstream, you are now somewhat Italian. I wanted to laugh because I think its stupid, but I also wanted to pat her on the back because she seemed so confident of this "fact".
V What cosplay will you be looking out for the most at Fanime?
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Rory Mercury from GATE


^ I've semi jumped on this whole MLP [my little pony: friendship is magic] craze...
so im curious what the cosplays will look like...

<  has co-workers that think saliva is similar to blood ...

>  is trying to figure out if i am going to cosplay this year or not...

V  Your 2 cents on Valenties Day? [Yay, nay or humbug!]


Games, Friends & Fanime oh my! :D

Locke Octavian

^ If I'm in a relationship, it's a nice day to do something with the one I care about.  If I'm single, it's just another day or perhaps a day to hang with other friends.

< You should cosplay, only because I think it's a lot of fun and a great way to meet new people!

> Working on a cosplay I never thought I'd do, M!Rarity from My Little Pony

V Plan to buy candy tomorrow when it's super cheap?


^ nope. i need to save money to finish cosplays
< doesnt know jerry is thinking about doing a mlp cosplay
> i need to sand my kikuchiyo helmet, and maybe bring Puddi back this year
V what was your favorite part of fanime 2011?
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^ My favorite part was when I found my self having a long conversation with very pretty girl that was way out of my leage. Anime is such a geat conversation starter. And it helped that we had something in common.
< I'm starting to feel the pressure on figuering out what kind of cosplay I can pull off.
> Now that I think about I never did ask that girl what her name was.
v Have you mistakenly ask some one for a pic that was not cosplaying?
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^ i'm pretty shy, so i don't really ask for pictures unless i think the cosplay is really awesome.. but then again, i can't say i haven't come really close to accidentally doing that, lol..
< should've put up an ad for missed connections or whatever that section of craigslist is!
> got work to unblock the forums! muaha.. good thing, too, since the hotels sold out super fast! >_<
v are you staying at a hotel for fanime? which one?
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^ I plan to stay all 4 days this year last year I could only do 3 days and had to stay at a room almost 45 mintues away by car! Hope full where within walking distance.

< I should have tried to find her, but if she was into me she would said her name from the start. Oh wells.

> I really want to try to make more friends this year at Fanime. I was a bit too shy last year. I only remembered one dudes name...sadly I forgot about him after AX.

v Do you have any hotel horror stories from pervious cons or other random stays?
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^ Not at all. Considering last year was my very first year in staying in a hotel for a con and things went very smoothly as it could.
< Planning on making friends at Fanime. Fanime brought out the social butterfly in me so I'm sure you'll be able to do the same. ^___^
> I'm incredibly unmotivated for school work. Either it would cause me to get an emotional breakdown from the overwhelming nature of assignments or they seem rather not beneficial to my learning at all. =__=
V What are/were your grades like in school?


/\ not bad. kept them up above 3.0
< Will be cosplaying as Alphonse Elric / Armor
> I'm on the waiting list for a suite.
v What games r u into lately?
Most Impressive.


^just playing Uncharted 3 & Tekken 6, but barely
<He, like many ppl, is waiting on a hotel room
> F*ck this weekend. Most of my friends i know are gunna have a joyous weekend, while i'm staring down work forms & assignments I don't wanna do. Hell, i can even feel my own character crumbling down. Also, i caught a cough #Joy. Can I friggin' fast-forward to March now?! At least those weekends will be better....

v (srry for the mopiness, ppl. It's mostly all out) uhhhhhh...Which anime/manga character can you relate to the most/ matches your own character the best?
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^ Oh that's a hard one.. I seen too many anime. But if I had to pick one it would be Tohno, Takaki from 5 Centimeters per Second. Just because those events felt like a part of my live back when I was in my early 20's.
< I felt that way too, so much to do so little time. All of my coworkers are/where/going to be sick all month long. I been fighting something as well. I just been tired all month long.
> It seem like I have a good immune system, last year I only used up 3 of my sick days. Where as my sister gets sick ever other month.
v  Have you ever got so drawn in into an anime that you start to dream of it? Or a series that was over, you still keep thinking about it?
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^ Yes! When I used to watch Vampire Knight, I would imagine myself in it, but it would be a way scarier version of the anime.
< I wish my immune system was as good as yours.
> I'm so tired and need sleep. My aunt had her baby two nights ago and ever since then- sleepless night.
V What's your most random convention story?
Fanime 2016 Cosplay:

Rory Mercury from GATE


^ Being Sasuke and getting chased by Sakura and Hinata right into a group of Akatsuki that also ended up chasing me (@ Kumoricon)
< Congrats on the new baby
> Working super hard on Cosplays since Sakuracon is coming up
V What are you most look forward to about Fanime 2012
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^ The anticipation! Fanime Hype doesn't really kick in for me until March. Its my convention body clock. XD
< Have fun at SakuraCon!!
> I wasn't planning on going to AOD but I'm stuck in bed with a sinus infection. :P
V How many months before a convention do you feel the "Hype"?


^ one Month before but the realist dreams start two months before... So dreams have already started Sakuracon
< Thanks
> Is sad the Mi Feng is sick! Get better soon
V What other cons do you go to?
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^So far just Anime Expo, Fanime and Anime Five Cities
< If I'm crazy enough I just might do a weekend at Sakuracon, but I rather not look at my bank balance. I don't want to spend money..but I want to see it.
>The smaller cons I feel a bit left out, like everyone there already knew each other and I'm that guy in the corner. At lest in the bigger ones I feel more at ease.
v Is it only me that feels that way sometimes? About being left out at some cons?
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Locke Octavian

^ I never felt left out at conventions, but I can see why sometimes people might feel that way.
< My experience is that we're all there for the same hobby so just introduce yourself and make new friends.  I make a lot of friends every convention, and I think that smaller ones people are actually usually more willing to just socialize and meet new people (less hectic then the big ones).  Also, I say go for Sakuracon ~ it was my first con and it's a wonderful place!
> It's been October sense my last con, counting the days eagerly until April when I get to start my con season!
V How many conventions a year do you get to?


^ The fanimecon will be my first one. I plan to only go to fanimecon.
< I see your picture is of a person holding a glass. So maybe you are a classy person?
> I am a contortionist.
v What is the story of how you went to your first convention?

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^ Great question. It was back in '06 Anime Expo was my first. So while one day spending the 4th of july in LA I got bored and decided to ditch my friends and just cruse the downtown area. The frist thing that cought my eye was all the anime looking posters hanging on the street lights. I then spotted some cosplayers walking down the street, and I keep seeing more and more. Tell I just yelled out "is there some party going on" some replyed "its Anime expo at the convention center." So I parked some where and went in. Before then I had no idea there was other fans of anime besides me.
< wow, so you can play jump rope with your hands?
> it's offical, I got my days off approved I'm going the 4 days of Fanime.
v same question as before: What is the story of how you went to your first convention
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^My first con was a sac-con at the sunrise mall...good lord i cant rember the date but i cosplayed as a mary sue, it was fun becasue my whole family came with me. I enjoyed it and found out that there was more cons then just that.
<I really like your icon but dont know what it is.
>I 'm slowly getting addictied to Role Playing.
v What is your most favriot cosplay to do and why?