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Started by michiko nakano, September 08, 2009, 12:10:22 PM

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michiko nakano

SO, I've been trying to think of someone to cosplay for Fanime '10 and I really really really can't think of anything.  I mean, hypothetically I could be anyone, but I'm trying to find a costume that I could either construct myself (without it looking too crappy, i.e. zelda is hard because of the armor, etc.) or buy for somewhere under $100.  Hypothetically, I'd want to cosplay someone who is widely known/recognized, and it doesn't have to be from an anime or manga.  For example, my friend cosplays as Sweeney Todd and that's always a big hit. 

I'm pretty tall, so it wouldn't really look good for me to do some cute little lolita girl because it would look awkward.  I don't have a big chest... but I'm very very skinny.  I have medium length brownish reddish hair, but I know that a wig can take care of that. 

So if you have any ideas, I would be really grateful to hear them!  ^__^ Thank you so much!! :3


the girl from Lovely Complex is tall (forgot her name, I've only read a bit of the manga)
Uotani Arisa (Uo-chan) from Fruits Basket is tall-ish
Riza HAwkeye from Fullmetal Alchemist isn't short


How about cosplaying as Revy from Black Lagoon? I'll try to find a picture.
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michiko nakano

Ah thank you both so much!!!  I LOVE fruits basket, perhaps I'll try to cosplay her!  ^__^

michiko nakano

Quote from: michiko nakano on September 09, 2009, 10:51:28 PM
Ah thank you both so much!!!  I LOVE fruits basket, perhaps I'll try to cosplay her!  ^__^

^ Arisa.  Forgot to put her name :3


Hmm there's plenty of things i can think of, that have easy outfits, and are very recognizable, but i'm not sure what you like so here are some ideas-

Evangelion- any of the girls in there school uniforms, Asuka, rei, or even misato's outfit.
disgaea- some of the job classes have easy outfits if chose flonne or etna i think they'd be recognized easily as well
one piece- nami, robin
vocaloid- rin kagamine
deathnote- misa
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michiko nakano

Thank you Nessa!  I really like the idea of cosplaying flonne from disgaea!  :3