The 2010 panel plans of the wicked.

Started by Kiara, October 31, 2009, 01:05:11 PM

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Greetings everyone! Guess whaaaat!?!?!?! That's right, panel ideas have begun to follow within our minds. Here's what you can look foward to.

From Hetalia Axis Powers Cosplay
-Hetalia: Ask the characters - with a slew of Hetalia cosplayers ready to answer all your questions!

From Kiara Inc.
-The Art of the Masquerade - Now with video examples, and a mini masquerade challenge of it's own! With prizes, of course.

From Kitsu Productions
-Cosplay Props
-How to start and run a cosplay group successfully
-Cosplay 101
-The world of cosplay videos and how to make one
-Yaoi Panel 18+
-The Cosplay dating game

From Sacramento Vocaloids
-The faces and music of Vocaloid - with dance performances by the Vocaloid cosplayers!

Those are subject to change, and we'll narrow it down to the best ons later. Does anyone really want to see one of those particular panels, or something else?

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Lan Moore

Yes to cosplay dating game, that would be awesome!


Yeah, I've seen lots of "dating game" type events at cons, but we want to make it a Cosplayer Only event. That way, we end up with some crazy character pairings.

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Quote from: Gwydion on January 11, 2010, 04:57:11 PM
I'd like to see the Hetalia one. ^^

We're not sure if we're allowed to do a panel like that, with a bunch of people, but we're going to submit the idea when panel requests open, and hopefully we'll be able to do it. ^_^


Sounds like some interesting ideas!

Sorry the panel request form is a bit late this year. Hopefully it will be up very soon now!
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