SJ Christmas in the Park Nov. 27th to Dec. 31st.

Started by Jidai Geki, November 29, 2009, 09:51:52 PM

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Jidai Geki

Looking for a festive holiday place to meet up?
San Jose Christmas in the Park is now open and celebrating its 30th anniversary year.
Admission and warm cuddley feelings are free.

For those of you in a giving spirit... Christmas in the Park will be hosting a Toys-4-Tots collection drive on Saturday, December 12th, from 9:00am thru 7:00pm.  New, unwrapped toys are desired to help brighten the holidays for less fortunate children.

For more information goto:

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from everyone here at San Jose Nihonmachi... Peace!


I'll definitely try to make it to at least one of these days  ;D


Oh my gosh I can't wait to see Saxaphone Christmas! I wonder when that is..
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So is anyone actually planning a specific meet up?

I'd be down to meet and greet new peeps.

Do the standard anime episode of - trying to ice skate and end up making a fool out of myself followed by good foods in the down town area.

Anyone free this weekend?

Games, Friends & Fanime oh my! :D


I heard of a gathering there this Saturday, though as for times, I am not sure.
My friend and I will be cosplaying as Bossa-Nova and Honey-sempai. ^-^<3

And hell no I'm not ice skating. ;-;
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well, I cant make it this saturday.I'm going to the Metallica concert that day.

Jidai Geki

Yes, it was VERY wet and windy yesterday... For those of you who made it out there for the Toy Drive... Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu!!!

This was my 23rd annual trek to say, "Thanks, I still have a job!"  I honor this by taking my entire last paycheck before the Toy Drive and raiding a Toys R Us.  All time best this year with almost 3 shopping carts filled to the top...  I could have used some help shopping, but MY BAD for not coordinating a get-together.... Hopefully next year I'll bo better.

Honor youself by being a better person... Honor your heritage by helping those less fortunate... Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and God Bless.


O: Oooh I wish I could spare some paycheck, but I can't. But I'll look around my house for some naked choppy-haired Barbies or something. ~
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Jidai Geki

Quote from: Boba on December 14, 2009, 07:44:50 AM
O: Oooh I wish I could spare some paycheck, but I can't. But I'll look around my house for some naked choppy-haired Barbies or something. ~

If I planned a gathering, I'd only ask those participating to budget $5-10 towards a toy, but it wouldn't be mandatory... First Rule of Safety: Personal safety first before you assist others... I'm not asking others to do the same in using a half-month's pay... I can sacrifice a paycheck because I planned this months ago, as I always do...  Just be aware that we can all find ourselves in need at some point in our life.  Heck, I needed help selecting toys Saturday... ???... But again, my bad...