Yukkuri shite itte ne! Touhou Gathering 2010!

Started by math4origami, November 30, 2009, 03:15:59 AM

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Alright, it's pretty much confirmed that I'm NOT going. Sorry about that (not that anyone cares...) And I REALLY wanted to sing Bad Apple for Open Karaoke...:( (For those that forgot, I was planning to go as Kochiya Sanae)
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>.<  Aww, that's sorry to hear.  Touhou could always use more cosplayers.   Hope you come next year!


Ok going for sure as Tewi (:

Haha this is going to be so interesting


Broishi confirmed!  My friend will be accompanying me as Koishi Komeiji, male-style.


Well I guess I'll confirm now since I'm still on the "pending" list, I'll definitely be there as Suika. The cosplay's practically finished, just gotta finish up a few small things before con-time.


I'll be going as Reimu and my friends will be going as Yuyuko and Yukari.
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Just want to make sure, where is this location?
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I just got a new DSLR and I really want to take photos of this gathering :D

Also if anyone wants an individual photoshoot I'm gonna be there for sure (unless one of my friends drags me over to another gathering)

edit: nvm I'm dumb I should have read the sticked thread earlier ><
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I will be there as Letty Whiterock and my friend Myon will be there as Cirno!



Holy wow this gathering is going to be massive cant even wait. Anyway I'm the 'Broishi' Beefcup mentioned earlier, cant wait to go!


Dunno if anyone is keeping track anymore... but whatever.

One of the only things I'm coming over from Illinois for is at 1 pm on Sunday... so I dunno if I'll be able to make this. D: If not, I'll probably just run around the rest of Sunday in my costume.

My cosplay is a super closet version of Himekaidou Hatate [like, Double Spoiler!].
Hopefully I can at least see some of you guys and take pics. :D

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The Sax

I'll be by, but I don't think I have a costume ready this year. So I'll just watch on with love~
hmmm, what to say.....


Whoo, my dad finally got a job in this bad economy, so it's pretty much CONFIRMED I'll be going. He really doesn't want me to, but I can. Watch out for the good girl. :) And for all you Reimu cosplayers out there, I demand a miko fight. ;D
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Awesome, so glad to hear you could make it.


Chief, you have to add Sakuya and Sanae to confirmed


these damn last-minute entries..................
I must be insane or something to go along with this...
you can put down Renko and Lily for pending for now, but I WILL finish



Sorry about all the confirming/unconfirming my appearance at the gathering. Last minute change: I will NOT be going. (Fanime is a waste of time and money. You're in high school now, so you need to focus on your future. You already have 2 B's and you tell me you want to go to Fanime and not study? At this rate, you'll never get a scholarship, etc. etc.)

Guess I'll sing Bad Apple next year. If I can go...>_> I'll still be Sanae, and I'm worried there's going to be a double next year and this is the first Fanime after the Bad Apple Shadow Style PV, so I REALLY wanted to go this year. Oh well, next year I'll be 16 so maybe I could volunteer? And hopefully, I'll have a wig by that time because if I went this year, I'd look like an IN Reimu cosplaying as Sanae.
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Actually, there was a bad apple dance in the masq this year.  

Edit:  Was massive.  Was epic.  Thanks everyone for coming!  Anyone with photos?


Thanks for putting all this together!  Broishi and I had a lovely time.  I should get some of my friends' photos of the group up soon.


Impressive gathering (as well as both Touhou panels happening on the same day); looking forward to next year's.

I has pictures...
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