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Started by Okach, December 18, 2009, 12:52:28 PM

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This was suggested in one of the other B&W Ball threads, so of course I decided to co-opt it.  Basically the intent is to provide links to places to dance/dance videos/etiquette etc. for those people who would like to get a jump on preparing for the B&W Ball.  Suggestions are welcome.

Articles on dance etiquette:

Videos of dance Styles:

Places to dance:

San Francisco Bay Area


West Coast Swing: (First Saturday of the month, but just take a look at the calendar to see all the possible dances you can go to.  Recommend highly WnY and Two Left Feet, especially 2LF on Fridays.)
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For those living around the SF bay.  I would highly suggest check out this group.
They held events every month.

And for oakland.
I haven't got the chance to check out gaskell ball due to transportation but I would love to attend one of them if possible.

And also check out Dickens Fair every December.
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Very list of articles:

Richard Powers talks all about good partnering, How to be a good DJ, and many, many other helpful and truly enlightening tips.  A Must-Read for any social dance partner (we are all partners, because it is social, not single!).


Forgot about Richard - I took quite a few of his classes while I lived in the Bay Area.  Good teacher, good person.
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For people living in the Sacramento area, there are many places to go out social dancing and learn dances.  Such as The Ballroom and Midtown Stomp, Tango by the River and more.  You just do not have to be in the Bay Area to social dance.  ;)
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