Costume Repair Shop at Fanime 2010!!!

Started by michiko nakano, December 18, 2009, 08:27:51 PM

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michiko nakano

Hey this was just a random thought... what if there was a costume repair shop at fanime?  I mean, all you really need is a table and a sewing machine or two, and some other repair type things... it might be really super helpful to con-goers if they tear their costumes or need a button or something. 

I'm not saying I'd be the one to do it, but if there are any ambitious costume gurus out there who think this is a good idea, you can have it.  You could make a little money, so... win?


This concept has been battled around for the last couple of years. It is a wonderful idea, but the ones that I have seen function have been run by people who did nothing else at con but oversee the room.

As a costumer and cosplayer here is a couple of personal points of view after my experiences at con:

1. You don't go to con to sew unless that is your business and don't plan on doing anything else.

2. The level of costuming that is present at Fanime represents a higher quality than in years past. It is a reasonable assumption that the quality is a reflection of more dedication by the cospeeps to meet the standards of cosplay that the majority have set.

3. Fanime has definitely moved from a "preview" type con to a "debute" type con. In other words many people get their costumes done and preview them at cons like AOD, Wondercon, Cherry Blossom Festival, etc. so that they have a seamless performance of their cosplay during their time at Fanime.

4. Spend this Fanime sitting at a table sewing all day, everyday and you will watch the fun pass you by. Like many other costumers we keep a handy supplies kit to do quick fixes. I can't tell you the number of safety pins, needle and thread, and fray check that has been borrowed... not to mention hairspray, makeup, and hair gel :P It only took one time for me to learn that con is no place to bring a sewing machine, especially Fanime, because there is so much going on that you are going to miss out on something, sleep, food, or making memories with your friends. After spending so much money for your room and badge why would you want to spend a day or two in the hotel room?

Again this is my point of view and every year someone brings a sewing machine to con to work on one or more costumes for one reason or another. Then Monday rolls around and its all over leaving them wonder "Where did the weekend go?"

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I agree with Saphire. It should really be up to the owner of the costume to be done with it and have some supplies (needle and thread case) in case of an accidental rip. If some people wanted to be open for contact at con in case they need an emergency repair that was real quick I could see that working (Like hotel number or contact info if they want to be available for some repairs) but it really wouldn't be fair to have someone sitting in a room repairing other people's stuff all day long; even in shifts.

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michiko nakano

I know, I know... but it would be a paid thing, ya know?  I know people who love doing that sort of stuff, and they've talked about having a table open a few hours every day and stuff.