Sasori's/Hiroku's tail

Started by EJAY420, January 03, 2010, 01:29:04 AM

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id pay if someone did a nice TAIL for the Hiroku  (Naruto Shippuuden). I like cosplaying as him but I believe if i had the tail it would be better. heck, id even pay if someone did the arm as well.
Most Impressive.


I think I can help you.

I don't know how much it's cost, but I do know that it'd be out of paper mache. Don't worry, the paper mache I specialize in makes all my creations very durable, tough, and long lasting. I need to tell you know that I'm 17, but I can create anything you need. If you want further proof, I can send you pictures of myself and the broadsword I have made and my Hollow Mask.

I've seen Hiroku's tail, and it's tricky. I'll need to feed a strong wire through so you can bend it as you like, and all of the pieces will be proportional to the actual Hiroku himself. If you want it any bigger or any smaller, just say so.

Again, I'm a minor, so payment will be tricky. We'll discuss construction fees if you choose to have my make your tail. If you do want me to, ask for my Facebook, and we can do business there.

Thanks for your consideration :3