WTT: Samsung Blackjack i607

Started by Mizuki, January 04, 2010, 01:44:04 AM

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Hi, I got this from my friend's cousin, thinking I could use hamachi/SSH combo to connect to my home pc to only find out it doesn't work with Pocket Putty (didn't know Pocket Putty needed touch screen) so now this is sitting here. It is used, but in nice condition, with an extended battery with the extended battery case (it still holds a VERY nice charge) It is upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.1 (legit), so I can save you the trouble with that.

I'm looking for either new/used (charger not needed):
LG Incite
Blackberry Pearl 8120 (model with wifi, not gps)
Any Windows Mobile 6.0 and on smartphone with touch screen (3g would be nice, if no 3g wifi is needed)
Other possible smartphones that are ATT compatible.

I can not supply a charger, as I need it for my backup samsung (friend's cousin didn't have a charger.)