Cosplay Weapons and Props for Fanime! *Contest too!*

Started by Brakinja, January 24, 2010, 08:03:09 PM

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All right! Let's get to it!

I still need money, I need about $230 to $280 for spending and for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for four days (I'm leaving on a friday, and coming back monday). Also, I need an additional $50 to pay my part of a hotel (A group I'm in pitching in to stay at a hotel for 3 night). Needless to say, this is going to be expensive D:

Now, the title mentioned weapons, props and a contest. What's that all about?

I'm probably still going to need money by the time Fanime comes. I know how to make weapons out of paper mache (not just that, they're hard and durable too) that will last a while. I have already made a full-length broadsword that is actually heavy and durable through most conditions. What I need from you guys is ideas for cosplay weapons and props that people will want, anything helps. I've thought of making kunai knives, stuffed sea-salt ice cream, and many more things. Idea?

Contest! 8D

I'm hosting a contest on GaiaOnline, Deviantart, Facebook, and the actual Fanime website for what would be a good cosplay weapon to make, a GOOD one. Basically, what you need to do is tell me a weapon from a show that would be cool to make, and it can be any weapon. Also, put picture links in the descriptions of these weapons as well. He, it can be your own design too!

My favorite idea will be made. Also, it will be sold to others. If it's your design or your idea that gets picked, then you can have first dibs on buying it (Price varies in size and construction, usually can range from $10 for just somethings simple like a knife, ninja star, or something, or $70 for something like the Buster Sword form Final Fantasy 7, the Advent Children version ._. They usually won't go any higher than that though). In this contest, your imagination can be tangible through me!

So yeah, give ideas for some weapon prop or other prop that people would like, and leave pictures too. Also, tell me which one are and are not for the contest! Thanks for the help, I'll get to work on any good ideas!

To contact me about the contest, contact me via Facebook! I'll give it to those who enter, and post your idea there!


Shiny idea...

I'm having trouble deciding over which weapon I'd like to be made... The Fat Man from fallout 3

or Vera from Firefly.

In theory I could use Vera for both cosplays I have in mind though.


Hmmm... using resin I might be able to make the prop myself...that'd be an interesting challenge...

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Make my day.<3

From Dokuro-chan. ^^

Here is better picture for reference

Though if you made it(And I'd be the buyer), I'd want it to be a little smaller, since it would be paper mache, and I don't like lugging huge props around.

Do you have any pictures or samples of props you've made before?
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