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Author Topic: Come Staff for Panels!  (Read 2117 times)

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Come Staff for Panels!
« on: January 26, 2010, 03:46:50 PM »

Whoops! I saw some people at the meeting this last weekend, and promised to put this up here... I apologize that it's a day late!

The Panels Department IS looking to fill at least 5 more staff positions at the moment, possibly a couple more. Since the Staff Recruitment website isn't yet up, I'll post the job description here. Please read it fully before you e-mail us!

Thanks! -Rena

(disclaimer: This is an unpaid volunteer job.)
Be a part of Fanime's gooey insides! Panel staff help control access to exclusive events, run the panelist lounge, and get to hang out with some very cool people. (That's us!)

It's a great way to participate in the convention AND attend your favorite  panels!

We currently have 5 open positions.

Things to know:
Panels run 4pm-1am on Friday, 10am-1am on Saturday and Sunday, and 11am-2pm on Monday. Panel staff can expect to be scheduled for at least 2 of the three late nights. (If you need to leave the con early each night, this is not the staff job for you.)

Panel staff are required to work a total of 20 hours during the 4 day convention. Exceptions are sometimes made on an individual basis if someone assists with pre-convention tasks. Although this theoretically averages out to 5 hours a day, in practice it works a bit differently. Panels run for limited hours on both Friday and Monday, so usually panel staff will work 3-4 hours on Friday, 2-4 hours on Monday, and the rest of their hours on Saturday and Sunday.

Panels prefers staff who are 18 and up, because we do run late, and some of the late night panels are not geared for younger audiences.

Panel staff perform varying duties:
~Badge-checking at panel room doors
~Monitoring panels for disruptions and notifying appropriate staff if they occur
~Handing out and collecting panel rate cards
~Taking head-counts during panels
~Greeting panelists at the panelist lounge and assisting to make sure they have all required equipment for their panels
~Giving breaks to other panel staff
~Running errands for dept. heads
~Ensuring notification goes out to attendees when a panel is cancelled at-con

Panel staff will be trained in:
~Line Control
~Radio Protocols
~General etiquette for panels, panelists and guests

If you're interested, drop an e-mail to with your name and phone number, and put 'Panel Staff' into the subject line of the e-mail. Please include some information about your previous con experience, even if it's simply 'I've attended for years, but not staffed before' and if you can tell us why you chose panels, that's always an interesting thing to know!
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Re: Come Staff for Panels!
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2010, 06:58:34 PM »

Hey hey!!!

Check your emails. I have a request. But I'm going to put this question out to those who may be curious. What if you wish to be a staffer and a panelist? Can there be a happy medium of doing panels and being a staffer or a "staff time" credit where if you are a staff member and you do a panel the time running the panel counts as hourage??
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