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White on Rice = Not an asian film...

Visage (2009)
Mei Lanfang (2008)

Visage especially.  Every year I make a plea for these kinds of films to be included and they usually aren't, but I'll try again this year.

future Cop (1994 hk)

I think Crows Zero 1 and 2 would be a great back to back showing. Both are excellent Takashi Miike films, although I'm sure a lot of people have seen them already. Part 2 should be available with subs by now.

Also great:

Azumi 1 at least, maybe 2.
Attack the Gas Station (hilarious Korean film)

All of these are older films, so I don't know what the policy is on that, but the above films are all pretty excellent (except Azumi 2).

Well, as long as we're still going (even though I think failure has stopped taking requests by now):

Au Revoir Taipei: a pretty typical and cute Taiwanese film, rather good for a first feature film.
The Message: A whodunit film, with espionage (and torture).
Forbidden Door (Pintu Terlarang): Not sure what the policy is on Southeast Asian films, but this is a fairly decent horror film from Indonesia.
Dear Doctor: A dramedy about a man being mistaken for a country doctor.


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