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Antique (2008 Korean) (I know it's not 2010+ but I'd really like to see it) (Kirariken: Considered. I will see if i can get a copy and fit it in.)
Ai Ore! (2012 Japanese)(Kirariken: Considered. I will see if i can get a copy and fit it in.)
Gantz and Gantz II Perfect Answer (2011 Japanese)(Kirariken: cannot show these as of right now)

The live action Black Butler movie maybe? (Kirariken: That released just in January. I will keep watch if we can get a copy)
Also any chance of showing J or K dramas at the convention? (Kirariken: actually, i believe we use to show some but due to low participation, we dropped it.. i am considering adding some to Thursday's line.)

Just curious but are Asian films that have been licensed and released in America not eligible to be shown because of copyright and or/screening rights?

in short, yes.


--- Quote from: Freeden on March 29, 2010, 08:45:49 PM ---I think Crows Zero 1 and 2 would be a great back to back showing. Both are excellent Takashi Miike films

--- End quote ---

Will there be a schedule for the Asian Film Rooms available online. I see the anime schedule has been posted.


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