It's Been A While Since We Gathered At Oakridge. Let's Do It! @Sat Mar 27, 11am

Started by ININ, February 15, 2010, 02:52:21 PM

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What Day Do We Meet?

Sat Mar 20
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Sat Mar 27
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Sat Apr 3
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Great! Thanks for being so nice about it. Now I can spend the month looking forward to it ^^

I'm not going to feel too much like an old lady am I? I'm in my late 20's and very casual about watching anime.


the ages range from youthful to mature [with a goofy - fun young side] - so i wouldnt worry about it :)

you wouldnt guess it - but im prolly older than you Lalaviolet - so its nice to have someone 'somewat" closer to my age going

LoL  ;D

Games, Friends & Fanime oh my! :D


People never believe my age maybe embracing anything from Japan is the secret to eternal youth??

Let's figure out how to bottle that up so we can make millions.


Sounds like fun, any clarification on what we will be doing? (i.e. movie, bowling, etc) 

I might bring a friend also.


waaaaa I can't make it! I just realized I have a meeting to go to on that day >.<!!
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Well, I guess whatever you guys decide on doing, i'm ok with it. I haven't tried ice skating and I want to learn how to do that. I'll be with you guys most of the time cause I haven't seen you guys in a while. There's another event going on the same day but i'm skipping it. I'd rather go to this instead.
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I'm a total forum/Fanime newb, but I'm most interested in attending this. I'll be there.

Ice skating, if I recall, isn't so different from roller blading. Not too difficult if you have some semblance of balance. Then again, I haven't done either during this decade, so I may be the first one on their ass.

Also if necessary I don't mind providing rides for people. Assuming you're comfortable getting picked up by a twenty-seven year old guy you've never met.


I adore ice skating! I'm down for anything but I love love to ice skate  :D


Sounds like ice skating is a popular choice. ININ, I nominate you to do the research on good places, times, and rates for skating on a Saturday. ;)

Of course, there will be more to the gathering than that, probably some good old-fashioned hanging out in the food court and all that. I look forward to seeing new faces as well as those of people I haven't seen in quite some time (hi there Mordyan).


Haven't been here much since '09. I said some stupid, stupid things before (and after) that.


Nomination accepted, mDuo13.  Here is the ice skating info ^__^

Sharks Ice

The Logitech Ice Centre is actually called Sharks Ice at San Jose.  Sharks Ice is located at 1500 South 10th Street, San Jose 95112.  It's located across the street from Spartan Stadium.  The facility is 170,000 square feet that includes 4 NHL sized ice surfaces, full service restaurants, stores, sports bar, and rental equipment.

The cost is $8.00 for age 13 and over.  Skate rental is $4.00.  If we get a group of ten or more, the cost is $10 that includes skate rental.  Public skating is open Sat from 1:15pm to 4pm and from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

Here's the website:  I see if I can find time later this week to visit the ice centre and get information from the staff.

Ice Center at Cupertino Square

The Ice Center is located in Cupertino Square at 10123 N. Wolfe Road in Cupertino 95014.  The cost is $10 that includes skate rental.  There are no group rates.  Public skating is open Sat 1pm-4:30pm and 8pm-10pm.

There is a laser light show with live DJ on March 27 from 10:30pm-12:30am.  Cost is $12 that includes skate rental.


@waffle-lover26, where do you skate?

List is upated!  We need more suggestions what to do after the movie XD


Wow, this is shaping up to be quite an afternoon. Are we definitely doing a movie? Did we even decide on a movie? At this point, it feels like there might not be enough time to meet & greet, go ice skating, see a movie, and do anything else.

The laser light show sounds pretty awesome but that's also very late so I'm not sure we wanna do that. Also, since it's so dark, it'll probably be harsher on the people who haven't skated recently or at all. Sharks Ice is much closer to Oakridge and if we do the group rate then the cost is the same. The hours are very similar as well.


We should see a movie :)  In past Oakridge gatherings we watched a movie.

I make the executive decision to change the time from 1pm to 11am.  We have extra time to eat lunch and chat.  You can still come at 1pm no problem.  I arrive earlier to reserve the usual meeting spot.  For the new people, look for a Toshiro Hitsugaya plushie on the left of the pic.

Here's a rough timeline:  11am-1pm meet and greet and choose a movie, 2pm-5pm watch movie depending on start time, 6pm-??? evening activity.

I thought of more evening activities below.  Anyone have more suggestions?

Sonic  There is a Sonic on Hwy 152 in Gilroy.  It's far away.  It's the closest Sonic I know.  They serve tater tots  :D

In-N-Out  There is a new In-N-Out on Coleman Ave. across the street from the San Jose Airport.  Huge parking lot because there is a Lowe's.

Culture Restaurants  We separate in small groups eating at different restaurants like a seminar breaking into break-out groups.  There's Japanese, American, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Italian, Indian, and many more.  This is good for those who are comfortable to be in smaller groups.  In particular, if we choose the culture restaurants (I can't think of a better name now), those who want Japanese we can eat at Sushi Factory.

After the small groups finish their dinners, each group chooses what to do afterwards.


There's an In-N-Out across the street from Oakridge, if that's your fancy.  Might be a little more convenient than driving to the airport.


I would suggest not going far away and/or splitting into smaller groups if we intend to keep this gathering intact into the evening. Either would just add needless complication. We should aim to keep it simple. Especially since it sounds like a lot of newer faces are showing up & I'd rather not run the chance of losing people.

Quote from: ININ on March 10, 2010, 02:22:18 AM
We should see a movie :)  In past Oakridge gatherings we watched a movie. 

Let it be noted that in past Oakridge gatherings, I opted not to watch the movie & instead, chilled in the mall w/other like-minded forumers. I'm leaning towards doing the same this time. Not much of a movie person.



@ININ: There's a Sonic in Hayward too, but who would want to come up here for that? lol In-N-Out sounds more feasible. As for the movie, which movie if I may ask? and as for the Ice Skating, and yeah, the closest one is the Shark Ice Center lol.
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I can get myself to Oakridge no problem, but I'll need a ride for anywhere else (and an estimate for "cab fare" XD)
Maybe I should use my learner's permit, and borrow a car to drive myself there.
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Yay, Haruko.


Quote from: Boba on March 08, 2010, 11:35:16 AM
waaaaa I can't make it! I just realized I have a meeting to go to on that day >.<!!

:O No... :'(
It's not going to be the same without you Boba.:(


Quote from: mDuo13 on March 01, 2010, 12:42:44 AM
Quote from: DarkShinigamiX3 on February 27, 2010, 09:12:03 PM
Iv'e never ice skated before and have no ice skates.>.>
I'm sure you can rent some skates at the rink for a reasonable price. That's what most people do. As for learning how... I haven't been skating in a long time but I don't remember it being very hard to do the basics, except stopping gracefully. (I always just kinda let myself slow down and then rammed into a wall to stop when I went as a kid.) Still good fun.

I'm guessing Loktera's name became ^2 because he forgot the password or something to his old account (~~Loktera~~).

You guessed Correctly! :D

The Loktera you know and love! Now New and Improved!

BUt sadly I don't think I'll be able to make it to this one... I have a Flea Market at Game Kastle that I am going to be selling stuff at. |3
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I'm inclined to make the evening events more low-key, but ice skating is kind of the opposite, so I would personally put it in the slot you've currently reserved for a movie. The more I think about it, the more I think we're unlikely to find a movie that most people wanna watch, anyway. I could be proven wrong, though.

As for dinner in the evening, IN-N-Out is an OK choice. Sushi Factory has been good to us with big groups before and it's not abhorrently far from Oakridge, so that's also an option of course. It is in the opposite direction as Sharks Ice, though. I guess the issue with ice skating is coordinating the move to the rink from where me meet up (Oakridge) and then to wherever we hang out after, since I'm sure some people will want to continue hanging out past 4pm when open skate ends.

So sad to hear that Boba and Lok can't make it, though. We're losing a new face and an old friend!