Whom would I contact about performing at Fanime?

Started by zoupzuop2, February 16, 2010, 04:47:18 PM

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Hey all! Long time no post from me, I've been pretty busy with quite a few things. One of those is making a metric crudton of Eurobeat music that I can perform live on some plane or another. If you wanna hear it, I believe the website link (the li'l globe under my icon) is still very active.

I'm interested in doing a live Eurobeat show at Fanime, if that were possible at this point in time. The best part is, no hassling with Avex for licenses, it's a quick setup for me AND Fanime, and I have the material last as many/few songs as necessary for either the big stages or Stage Zero. (If my legitimacy is in question, I can only suggest
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tl;dr: Where would I send what info to see if this were possible on any level?
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