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Started by BSaphire, February 19, 2010, 03:30:23 PM

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Quote from: cesspooloflight on April 14, 2011, 03:26:57 PM
Would anyone happen to know how I could make a Yasogami High School emblem patch from Persona 4? Also, how would I a dotted pattern for the jacket?


For the "dotted pattern" are you referring to the dotted stitching or the pattern for the collar? If you're sewing it yourself, it shouldn't be hard to replicate the stitching with white thread. If you're referring to the collar of the jacket, that pattern is called "houndstooth." Do a search for that, and you should come across it.


Ok, so...I need to buy a wig for my Belarus cosplay. I've decided that Ebay just isn't trust worthy. The couple wigs I've seen that would work from there are stolen pictures, so I don't trust them. I think I'm going to order from Cosplay House, but I'd love if anyone has any feedback on their quality of the wigs. Also do they ship quickly?

I'm debating on getting either of these two wigs. Which do you think is better?

~Thanks ;D


hey guys i just recieved a pattern for making the costume from kuroshitsuji and the instructions are all in japanese, is there can anyone here that is fluent in japanese and can help me out with translating it?


I'd like to know what's acceptable for Fanime cosplaying and... what's not. Like, if you can dress up as no one specific at all.

Because recently my bud had me looking into Lolita. I know Lolita is more of a fashion thing and less cosplay, but after I bought this really expensive outfit- we did nothing with it! >.< And one of the things I reasoned to myself into buying it is that if nothing else I could wear it at Fanime or whatever. But is this okay? It looks like everyone is wearing designs they made and to be done to look like a character!



This is my first time going to this and I am really excited.   I am wondering how strict they are on the shoe policy, as in, can I wear sandals? or do i have to wear shoes?  My character is normally barefoot, so I am trying to adapt to the rules! LOL  HELP!!!!  ???

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You can wear whatever you want within the bounds of safety and decency.

There are a ton of people in alternative fashions at Fanime every year, of all types (gyaru, goth, steampunk, random non-cosplay but anime-inspired outfits, etc.). There are tons of lolitas (including myself). We even have a picnic and a panel! You should go. :D

And yeah, lolita isn't cosplay at all. It's not "more of a fashion," it -is- a fashion and not a costume. Though, most lolitas seem to go all out and come up with more elaborate outfits for special events like conventions than for regular, daily wear, so you'll be perfectly acceptable, I'm sure.


You can wear sandals, all that maters is you wear something on your feet and not be barefoot.


Since I dont k ow the character, I can't give specific advice. But when I did a costume that required barefoot ness, I wore flesh color tights over ballet shoes. Gives the illusion of being barefoot but you still have shoes. 


Another thing that apparently works well is flip-flops, either clear ones or ones you have painted to match your skin tone.

The bare minimum is that the soles of your feet do not touch the floor.


Oh thank you all very much!!! this is great news!!!!  ;D


The only "don't" I can think of is "don't go naked"  ;D


Those are the rules, but yeah, the other people above me are right in saying that lolita fashion is perfectly acceptable (quite common actually). Also, it's not like cosplaying is a requirement at anime conventions; you see people in street clothes/not in costume all the time.
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ok so, i got my Euphemia dress for Fanime, but it didn't come with the hoopskirt/petticoat thing. and it really irks me. so i messaged the makers and they told me they're going to give me -some- of my money back so i can buy another one from else were.

the only thing is.. IM CLUELESS ON WHAT TO BUY D':

for one;

i don't know the difference (well i know like.. the basics..)

i know hoop skirts have like rings in them and thats how they stay puffy. as for petticoats i usually see those shorter.. do they make those that long :c? do they even puff out as much :c?

any help would be loved .A. i'm probably going to get it on ebay, and im not sure how much money they are refunding -yet-


There are long petticoats but they don't "fluff out" as much as hoop skirts (look at wedding petticoats to see some).

Which Euphemia are you doing? A picture of the skirt part would be helpful.


For Euphemia, a hoopskirt would work best. Depending on the size of the skirt, I could let you borrow one of mine for the day ur cosplaying as her :)


Quote from: redroses3164 on May 09, 2011, 12:24:32 PM
There are long petticoats but they don't "fluff out" as much as hoop skirts (look at wedding petticoats to see some).

Which Euphemia are you doing? A picture of the skirt part would be helpful.

i'm doing~...

c: not the best picture but i always have a hard time finding full body pictures of her @.@;;

Quote from: lady_tomoko on May 09, 2011, 12:46:39 PM
For Euphemia, a hoopskirt would work best. Depending on the size of the skirt, I could let you borrow one of mine for the day ur cosplaying as her :)

*O* that would be most helpful and probalby my best opinion to be honest ;~; i'll give you my number and stuff ;v what hotel are you staying at?

and knowing me i'll probalby change in and out of my cosplays daily xD (or thats what i did last year) but for the most part i think ill be wearing it on saturday (gathering, most people, etc) i know im not wearing it friday >3


Personal recommendation: Ruffled hoopskirt!!

Reason: A hoopskirt will provide the support you need to get the dress to puff out properly. The issue, however is that you will get unsightly hoop-showtrough if it's not padded a bit.

A petticoat can puff things out, but the weight of a dress can squish it down just as fast.

A hoopskirt under a petticoat might work, but you stil may have some hoop show-through in your dress if there are no ruffles to mask it.

A ruffled hoopskirt will take care of both issues in one garment, and it comes in varying sizes so you have a choice in the matter.  Check between Google searches and eBay and you may be able to get a good deal.  Hope that helps a bit!
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Ok ^^ glad to be of some help. PM me and I can give you my number and what hotel I'm staying at. As to what Dany said, I actually do have a hoop skirt that is slighty ruffly. I also have one that is not, but it has a bit more volume to it. I can bring both so you can take your pick.


I've also seen the super ghetto clear tape with cardboard -- technically not barefoot but probably the closest you can get.


Are those even acceptable? I suspect if someone caught you with them, you'd get in trouble...