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Started by michiko nakano, March 28, 2010, 07:20:06 PM

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michiko nakano

For starters, this might be better off in the panels/workshops subforum, idrk.

Anyways, there seem to be a lot of princess tutu cosplayers, and so I was wondering if perchance there might be a chance to hold some sort of event for ballet in general? 

Idea #1: A posing workshop.  If cosplayers have pointe shoes but no pointe shoe training, perhaps it would be beneficial to have a workshop.  I have the knowledge and training, and would love to help people, if they want help, with some techniques that are neccessary to staying safe and protecting your ankles and feet.  Pointe shoes can be very dangerous.  I DO want people to wear them for the accuracy of the cosplay, but I DON'T want people to get injured and have a miserable con.  Plus some cosplayers might want ideas for poses, and with a few tips, you can pass for a trained dancer.

Idea #2: A beginner ballet class.  This is much less probable than Idea #1.  But there are ballroom classes, why not a ballet class?  Perhaps some people can't take ballet class due to time or money (that's my situation with ballroom, so it was really nice to be able to take classes at fanime last year) or perhaps they just want to try it out.  Also there is open floor a couple times throughout the con, so maybe any advanced or professionals can keep their groove on (it's definitely hard to take a four or five day break sometimes if you're trying to get in shape) so maybe we could gather and run a fun variation or something.  Plus it would be sooo fun to dance around a bit with fellow nerds.

Just being optimistic, and I totally understand if these ideas don't fly, since ballet has barely anything to do with fanime.  If you need my credentials as an instructor I can provide them, and I also have friends who are at an advanced level and can help out.


I don't mean to spark debate or anything...

But why would someone who has little or no experience ballet have a pair of pointe shoes?  I think that's not only completely insane but extremely dangerous.  It takes years and years of training to even step up en pointe.  I would understand girls wearing them to make their cosplay look "authentic," but again, I am seriously against the use of them without prior ballet experience.  The first idea sounds like a complete disaster.  

I'm pretty on board for a beginner ballet class.  If you need any help, I've had 15 years experience in ballet and lots of other forms of dances, so yeah.  :D  

EDIT: I've realized your first idea was a suggestion for a posing panel, not mainly a pointe panel.  I'm totally into the idea, just nix the pointe shoes.

michiko nakano

Look, girls who cosplay tutu go out and buy their own pointe shoes and sew the ribbons on and no amount of convincing from trained ballet people is going to change their mind about wearing them for the cosplay.  Then they get excited and want to pose on pointe.  I've seen it many, many, many times.  Plus pointe shoes look great with the costume and it makes it seem more real and exciting for the cosplayer.

I know all about the dangers of pointe, i've been doing it for eight years.  But I *have* given up on trying to convince people not to pose en pointe with them, and they're going to do it anyways no matter what we say.  So I want to provide them with the knowledge of pointe safety so they can have fun posing and such.  I don't see what's wrong with a cosplayer posing en pointe if they're holding on to a firm surface or railing, with their feet together in first or something.  Better them doing that after a ballet panel than with no help at all, right?

Mi Feng

I completely agree with the pointe shoes. I'm just warning everyone that they are dangerous and people can seriously hurt themselves. So if your unsure, stick with flats.

Princess Tutu has been my dream costume, but I'm going to wait until I'm on pointe so I can cosplay her.

I would definitely encourage a ballet panel. If cosplayers really do want to look authentic, learn the poses.
If you do have a panel, I would come! :D *loves ballet*

michiko nakano

yay!  I love ballet too let's dance together :3  maybe we can do a skit... idk about fanime '10 but maybe we could choreograph something and do it at fanime '11.  we shall see! 

for now, I'm thinkin... panel to give ideas for posing and some pointe safety (people are going to wear them anyways, no matter how unsafe it is) and maybe a little short class so some people who haven't done class can do it for fun!


I understand that people are going to wear them anyway, and your intentions of holding a panel are to prevent injuries, but I think something like this would encourage more people to get away with pointe shoes. 

Potential Princess Tutu cosplayer: Oh hey!  I'm not sure about wearing pointe shoes.  They look awfully dangerous!  I bet going to that panel will dispel any potential risks!

Now, they're not going to be talking generically like I just did above, but I do have problems with having someone just holding onto a railing and taking a parallel sixth position.  I'm not trying to make you look idiotic or anything.  I just find this to be quite insulting.

And although it adds to the look of the cosplay, I don't get why someone would want to walk around con wearing pointe shoes. They're pretty darn uncomfortable.

michiko nakano

fine fine, we'll nix the pointe shoes.  i'm sorry i insulted everyone.

but people seriously walk around the con in them, it's bound to happen.

sooo how do we go about making this panel happen officially?  i hope it's not too late to get a time slot or something


If you have any questions about giving a panel at FanimeCon that are not answered on this page, please drop an e-mail to

Deadline to submit a panel: April 15th

Deadline to submit a panel that will be listed in Fanime's Program Guide: April 1st

- taken from panelist deadlines thread

I don't mind helping you plan!  I'm only going to be there on sunday though.  Saturday is a definite maybe.

michiko nakano

Alrighty, I sent them an email.


Fun!  I'd like to see if this makes the cut or not.  Keep me updated~   :D

michiko nakano

michiko nakano

alrighty, panel submitted!  now we wait~


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