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Started by Suspicious, April 10, 2010, 01:26:38 AM

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I super dropped the ball on this one this year.  My laminator broke, so I could only get a couple batches of badges done in the end.

So if you're missing your badge from this year (or last year), fill out this form and I'll mail it to you.

Badges are free since I messed up.  I would be happy with donations instead.

Every year for a grand Fanime Forum tradition, Tsubasa and I make laminated badges for Fanime Forum members.  These don't replace the official Fanime badges in any way and it's only there for fun and recognizing others from the forum.

Here is the thread from 2009.

After I made your badge, you can do one of the following.
- Go to Fanime and pick up your badge for $1

$1 is for materials cost.

What I need from you:
-Your fan name (if it is different from your forum name)
-A high resolution picture of whatever you want.  Anything larger than 1200 resolution is fine.  600 is really pushing it.  Any less than that and you'll have a fuzzy badge.

Q. Why do this?
A. It's a fun way to uniquely identify Fanime Forum members, plus I've always liked having a custom badge rather than just something the con gives you.  After a couple years, it just became a tradition.

Q. What dimension/size do you need the pictures at?
A. As large as you can possibly get.  For the most part, I will resize and crop down to the proper size, but it's important that you get the highest resolution possible because upscaling does wonderfully bad things to most pictures.  As a general rule, try to get something bigger than 600 pixels across.

Q. What happens if you don't find a picture?
A. This is possibly the funnest/creepiest thing I do.  If I don't have a specific picture from you, I start researching your profile and previous posts to try to ascertain what kind of person you are and what picture you would like the most. >:3  It sounds totally creepy in that stalker-y kinda way, but I find it pretty fun figuring out things about people.

Q. How much am I charging?
A. Probably $1 for printing and laminating costs.  If you happen to work at a printing store and can do such things for free *nudge nudge wink wink*, the badge price will drop to $0.  These are just materials fees.  The largest cost is laminating.

Q. Who can get one?
A. Anyone at all.  Just make a post voicing your interest and make sure you're on the list maintained on the first page.

Q. How can I voice my interest?
A. You can either make a post in this thread, message my through the forum, or send me an email at email[at]

I'll update this thread with a list of confirmed people.  Happy hunting for pictures, and I look forward to seeing you guys at Fanime :D

Grand List o' People
rude32 - Avatar
リイコ or Riiko (Pengin-san) - Avatar Pic
Otakuya - Avatar Pic
Moogleborg - Avatar Pic
Captain Ahoge (Richie Likes Maids) - Avatar Pic
CapeBarnes (Barnes) - Avatar
HeeroYuy135 - Avatar
AngelWings - Avatar
Jerry - Avatar Pic
MikoChika - Avatar Pic
みちわ さえ LOVE.SAE (LOVE.SAE) - Avatar Pic
abcbadcat - Avatar Pic
RyuHayabusa - Avatar Pic
otakuapprentice - Avatar Pic
Chiri Kcrinh - Avatar Pic
LastElixir - Avatar Pic
Liquid - Avatar Pic
Foxberry - Avatar Pic
Elimeno - Avatar
Shinsengumi - Avatar Pic
PresidentNephilim (Nephilim) - Avatar Pic
Kamen Rider Tag - Avatar Pic
c2chaos - Avatar
Ed of NoName (EdOfNoName) - Avatar Pic
Zero_Kirby - Avatar Pic
Tsukiko 月子 (iVeruvettox) - Avatar Pic
Pachoo (shortpachoo) - Avatar Pic
Spalding (Spalding) - Avatar Pic
Laylian - Avatar Pic
Kitty Chan (Angelx624) - Avatar Pic
mDuo13 - Avatar Pic
c2chaos - Avatar Pic
God91125 - Avatar Pic OR Pic
leslie - Avatar Pic Pic2
Aphaestus - Avatar Pic
BrightHeart76 - Avatar Pic
Dany - Avatar Pic2
short_storiesgl - Avatar Pic
Sunara Ishi - Avatar Pic OR Pic1 Pic2
Ruby Moon III (rubymoonIII) - Avatar Pic
Strawberry CorCor (ichigocorcor) - Avatar Pic
Velveteen Rabbit - Avatar Pic
kamisamabunny - Avatar
Bahamut Knight Zero (bahamutknightzero) - Avatar Pic Pic2
Otakuya - Avatar Pic OR Pic OR {a good Evgeni Nabokov, Patrick Marleau, or Devin Setoguchi picture} {another good Lance Armstrong picture}
TC_X0_Lt_0X - Avatar Pic Pic2
Junchan-ktkr (Jun-Watarase) - Avatar Pic
PyronIkari - Avatar Pic
Yuni - Avatar Pic
mjlogan - Avatar Pic2
Somebody - Avatar Pic Pic2
Avairrianna - Avatar Pic
BlueAssassin - Pic
Xanreo - Avatar Pic
Otaku_Crazy (NSC) - Avatar Pic
Mordyan - Avatar Pic
ShikiIchijo - Avatar Pic
AbsolutelyCursed - Avatar Pic1 Pic2
AuroraDreamer - Avatar Pic
Barnes - Avatar Pic OR Pic OR Pic
KyraEnsui - Avatar Pic
amaya_JDB - Avatar Pic OR Pic Pic2 Pic3
Dany - Avatar
mjlogan - Avatar Pic Pic2
ZANGETSU ^_^ (Cup of Skittles) - Avatar Pic
AnimeFans4Yaoi's PandaChan (AnimeFans4Yaoi) - Avatar Pic Pic2
Dimensional Drifter - Avatar Pic Pic2
Tsubasa - Avatar Pic
AngelWings - Avatar Pic Pic Pic Pic Pic Pic Pic
Stormfalcon - Avatar Pic Pic2
K&K4ever - Avatar Pic Pic2
Kaura117 - Avatar
Chun - Avatar Pic
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As usual I would like to have a forum badge, and as usual I'll let you find a pic for me, since you always come up with some pretty awesome badges for me in the past.
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RUDE: Rub Up Desperate Elephants- Thanks shy-cosplayer


I really hope you get a table this year :3.  I couldn't find you last year D;.

- Riiko
- Can you use my current avatar?  Or is it too small?

When is the latest we can change our picture?  It was really hard deciding this time so I might change my mind XD!
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I'll "register" for a badge again this year.
EDIT Now with picture!

Fan Name: Otakuya
Avatar: <------use current one


Here it goes! :D

Fan Name: Moogleborg
Avatar: Use my current one

BTW, do ya still have the one from 2009? I still need to pick that one up from ya. ^^
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Velveteen Rabbit

YAY!!!!!! I absolutely adored the one I got last year, so I will get a new one for this year! ;D
Fan Name: Velveteen Rabbit
Avatar: Current


Fan name: CapeBarnes
Avatar: Current Yoko piece I'm using.
image: Let me find a good Adam Blade (Needless) pic, then I'll be back.

@Velveteen Rabbit: I love your username. Nostalgic.
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Yay, Haruko.

Velveteen Rabbit

Quote from: Barnes on April 10, 2010, 02:26:00 PM
Fan name: CapeBarnes
Avatar: Current Yoko piece I'm using.
image: Let me find a good Adam Blade (Needless) pic, then I'll be back.

@Velveteen Rabbit: I love your username. Nostalgic.
Oh! Thankies! It was my favorite story as a kid!  :)




Forum badges go go!

I'll get that design to you soonish, Suspi.



This is a nifty plan.

Fan Name- AngelWings
Avatar- Can you use my current one? If not I can get a dif image.
Pic- I have to think on that ummm. how long do I have before it's past the day of no return???


Fan name -  Jerry
Avatar - use my current fanime forums one

picture --

woot to you good sir!

Games, Friends & Fanime oh my! :D


Please, don't feed the moogle.


If you are unable to get a booth, then how would we get them from you/pay for them? (Since I don't have the ability to do the whole paypal thing xP ) I'd like one, but I need to find a pic and upload an avi first. xP -.-'
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I'll find a pic for this years soon and intend to pick up badges 08-10 if they're still floating around

I feel bad for never picking them up lolol


Updated with rude32, Pengin-san, Otakuya, Moogleborg, Richie Likes Maids, Velveteen Rabbit, Barnes, HeeroYuy135, AngelWings, Jerry, and MikoChika

For previous year's badges. I.. think I still have them somewhere?  If I can dig them up, I'll let you guys know and you can pick them up this year.  If anything, I might be able to just reprint them for you.

If I can't get a booth, I'll be really friendly with someone and take over a corner of their booth :D

Last day for change requests is whenever I get around to printing them.  I'm going to say tentatively May 23rd is the last day for any changes and May 27th is the last day for final badge requests.  I could make new ones during the con as well, but I'll do so weeping. ;_;

I got an interesting request for double sided badges.  I don't really see a problem with doing that, so I'm completely all for it.  I'll talk to Tsubasa to see if he wants to make a back design to complement the front.

@Otakuya - Did you post a picture? I can't see it D:
@HeeroYuy135 - Your picture is private, I can't look at it :O Sounds scandalous :D
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Oh for now, go ahead and confirm my avatar pic, still searching for the other pic


I'll join in this year again since I really loved my badge from last year and as for a change of pace: that's my picture for the badge.
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Right now, I'm still 50/50 on Fanime but I will put in my request once again(its friggin' tradition, man).


I sincerely ask that you try to get as much of the image in there as possible.
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