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I got an interesting request for double sided badges.  I don't really see a problem with doing that, so I'm completely all for it.  I'll talk to Tsubasa to see if he wants to make a back design to complement the front.

i wouldn't mind paying double for a double sided badge. :D
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I'm interested in taking part in this

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Pic: Let me get back to you on this one since I'm trying to find a good one to use (also trying to be a little careful since I don't quite know what will be acceptable content to use on the badge)


If I could make my badge double sided, use any one of these for my second:
{a good Evgeni Nabokov, Patrick Marleau, or Devin Setoguchi picture}
{another good Lance Armstrong picture}


oh oh is Kamen rider going to cosplay kamen rider? since im cosplaying May Lee and  it would be epic to get a pic of him and I :)
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And if we can get double sided badges I'll get another pic as well.

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If you do double sides, I would like you to choose images for both sides.
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*Still needs to find a high quality Adam Blade pic. Or Disc maybe*
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Yay, Haruko.


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Finally made up my mind :P:

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If you do make two-sided ones, I'd be in on that. For the back
would very well do.  :D Thanks! (Also, if they don't work for some reason please let me know?)
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-Your fan name:Avairrianna

And for my boyfriend

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I might possibly change his picture later on or if it's too small.
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I would like one for 2010 too:


Also, I'm hoping I'll be able to pick up my badge from 2009.

Thanks in advance!

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i'd like one too please.
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if this picture isn't a high enough resolution, i can find another picture.


I would like one again this year. Thanks again for doing this!

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Sunara Ishi

I better post something before I lose track of time and not get my lovely pics. O:

If it will be doubled sided, then these two:

If it is single sided, then this one:

I already went ahead and resized them to 300dpi. Let me know if they aren't good enough.

As for avatar image:
avatar & avatar source image

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I'm trying to get the pics to 1200 resolution, but some how it won't upload to photobucket so I can put the link here.

Can anyone help me?
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I do have a second picture if the first isn't a high enough resolution. :3
Thank you! :D
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Picture: If it's double sided use these two

If only one image, use the first one.

BTW, just wondering if you could bring last year's badge. I will pay for that as well.


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(Is that an alright picture? Not sure =/)