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Author Topic: (unlikely) Panels and events you want at fanime!  (Read 1232 times)

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(unlikely) Panels and events you want at fanime!
« on: April 24, 2010, 05:02:22 PM »

As the title says, what panel or event suggestion do you want that fanime in no way in hell would even consider? ^^

I personally think we should a panel and demonstration on how seppuku works. It is an old and honored tradition and I don't see why not. There are so many hardcore weeboos who really want to be a part of japanese tradition and what a good way to do so. We can easily get them to sign waivers.(of course we all know waivers can absolve you from any wrong doing what so ever)

how about you?


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Re: (unlikely) Panels and events you want at fanime!
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2010, 06:17:04 PM »

Shonen manga meets hardcore punk music?

People debate how Joseph Joestar would protect Henry Rollins in his early days with Black Flag and other ideas? 0_o
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