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Author Topic: The Left 4 Dead 2 Rules (and regulations?)  (Read 1868 times)

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The Left 4 Dead 2 Rules (and regulations?)
« on: April 27, 2010, 12:34:47 PM »

The purpose of this thread is to be linked directly to the e-gaming Tournament List found here: http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,13880.0.html.

If there are any reasonable disputes, typos, or confusion amongst these rules, please post them here so I can see / make changes to them if I deem it necessary and/or proper.

Left 4 Dead 2
Rules & Regulations
(Format Taken from Alienware's "Zombie Onslaught" Ruleset)

I.   Definitions
II.   Tournament Match Structure
III.   How To Win The Tournament
IV.   Sportsmanship
V.   Gameplay
VI.   Game Exploits and Violations
VII.   Exploitation of Rules

I. Definitions.

1.1. Approved Team - A Team that has been guaranteed a Tournament slot by first come, first served, based on when registration for the Team is complete.

1.2. Campaign - A set of Maps that together form one theme.

1.3. Disputes - A controversy and/or difference of opinion over which Teams or Players disagree or debate and present to an Official for a decision.

1.4. Disqualification - The removal of a Team or Player from the Tournament by an Official for violation of either the Official Rules or these Game Play Rules.

1.5. Forfeit -  The act of voluntarily admitting a defeat during the Tournament, thereby surrendering victory of the Round, Match or Tournament (as applicable) to the opposition or having a victory or opportunity to play Round(s) or Match(es) revoked by an Official due to Player/Team violation of the Official Rules or Game Play Rules. If a Team wishes to Forfeit, the Forfeiting vote must at least be a majority vote amongst the Team.

1.6. Handle - A Player or Team pseudonym used for identification of Players or Teams during the Tournament.

1.7. Infected - The special zombies in the Left 4 Dead 2 game.

1.8. Map - One Left 4 Dead 2 virtual environment that forms one part of the overall Campaign. In each Map, each Team plays as Survivors and as Infected.

1.9. Match - A Left 4 Dead 2 Versus Match played by two teams using the settings outlined in these Game Play Rules with the possibility of Overtime in the case of a Tie score.  

1.10. Official - The designated individual(s) presiding over the Tournament and responsible for enforcing the Official Rules and these Game Play Rules.

1.11. Overtime - Extra game play necessary if the score is Tied at the end of the Campaign. Overtime consists of the third map in the same Campaign and continues as necessary until a Teams wins the Match.

1.12. Penalty - A punishment enforced by the Official of a Player/Team for violating the Official Rules or Game Play Rules.

1.13. Player - Any participant who meets the eligibility requirements and properly registers for the Tournament.

1.14. Round - One session of play as either Survivors or Infected.

1.15. Score - Points accumulated by Teams and tracked automatically by the in-game system while playing through a Match.

1.16. Survivors - The human characters in the Left 4 Dead 2 game.

1.17. Team - A Team consists of at least 4 Players (one of which is the Team Captain).

1.18. Team Captain - The Team Captain serves as the primary contact for such Team. (Acquiring contact information at registration is required.)

1.19. Tie - When the score is even at the conclusion of a Match. In the case of a Tie, Teams play Overtime.

1.20. Warning - A verbal or written indication from an Official to a Player/Team that continued or subsequent actions could result in a Penalty.

1.21. Winner- An active Team that finishes the Tournament with placement which makes the Team eligible for a Prize.

II.  Tournament Match Structure.

2.1. Single-Elimination Preliminary: The opening phase of the Tournament (the "Single-Elimination Preliminary") will consist of a system-link Single-Elimination (as defined below) play with the XBOX 360 game Left 4 Dead 2. Teams will be sorted into 4 Single-Elimination brackets, each consisting of up to 8 Teams. Using the Provided Arena Teams will arrange with their opponents to play one match (unless resulting in a tie). The Single-Elimination Preliminary will end when only one Team remains from each bracket and then those Teams will advance to the Tournament Finals (defined below).

III.  How to Win the Tournament.

The Single-Elimination Preliminary format will be Single-Elimination ("Single-Elimination"), where up to 8 Teams are randomly placed into each of eight brackets to play Matches against the other Teams. Upon losing the first Match, the Team will be eliminated from the Single-Elimination Preliminary and will have lost their placement in the tournament. The winners stay in the winner's bracket to compete against the other winning Teams of each Match. The Team who has 0 losses by the end of the tournament will be considered the Winner.

IV. Sportsmanship
All Players will be required to uphold and observe a universal level of sportsmanship. Any unsportsmanlike action which includes but is not limited to (racism, profanity (to an extent), rude acts, vulgar acts, acts of belligerence, and disrespect of an Official) may be reviewed and is grounds for Player and/or Team Disqualification by an Official.

4.1. Rulings on unsportsmanlike actions are subject to the Official's interpretation. If a Player and/or Team is found in violation of this rule the following actions may happen:

     * Minor infractions as judged by an Official: Warning
     * Severe or repeated minor infractions as judged by an Official: Disqualification

Any accusations of unsportsmanlike conduct by a Player or Team must be brought to the attention of the Official by contacting an official following the Match in which the alleged action has occurred for investigation by presiding Official.

V. Game Play.

5.1. Maps: The following Maps will be used during the Tournament: Dead Center, Swamp Fever, Dark Carnival, Hard Rain, and The Parish. There will be NO "The Passing" maps in this tournament.

5.2. Minimum Players: No Team will be allowed to start a Match with less than four Players, which is the required minimum number of Players. If Players leave or are removed after the Match has begun, the Team may continue to play without them.

5.3. Starting Side: Teams will randomly be assigned either home or away status. The home team has the option of which server to start on and what side (Infected or Survivor) to start as.

5.4. Ties / Overtime:  In the instance of a Tie score, Overtime must be played. Overtime consists of the fourth safe room of the given Campaign. If the score is still Tied after the first Overtime, then the Overtime process will be repeated with the next safe room in order until a Team is deemed the winner. If the tie exceeds until the safe rooms have all been played, the Campaign will restart and continue as necessary. No Tournament Match may end in a Tie.

5.5. Match / Round Setup: Each Match is composed of 6 rounds (with each team being Survivor and Infected at least three times) on a given campaign. The game will be played until the sum of rounds becomes 6. At any point in the Match / Round, any team may Forfeit if they feel like discontinuing play.

VI. Game Exploits and Violations

It is illegal to intentionally utilize any game exploits. Game exploits include, but are not limited to, the exploits and violations defined in this section. For any exploits used that are not explicitly covered, Officials have discretion to determine the intention and extent of the violation and Penalty.

6.1. Violations:  Violations may result in Forfeit or Disqualification of a Player or Team, and/or points being revoked or overturned from the Match score. Officials have full discretion to determine if a Team or Player has violated any rule. If any clarification regarding game violations is needed, the Player or Team should consult with the Official prior to the start of a Match.

6.2. Instant Kills: All instant kills, including by Chargers and Smokers (death pulls), are permitted.

6.3. Illegal Map Positions: Players are not permitted to occupy any of these areas:

- Sitting in any area unreachable by a tank while an enemy tank is active

- Sitting in any position that is not reachable by regular zombies

- Sitting anywhere (other than Safe Rooms) where the Infected cannot attack Survivors

- Sitting anywhere that hinders progression of a map event/crescendo

6.4. Illegal Actions: Players are not permitted to do any of the following actions:

- Causing a crescendo event to not trigger

- Blocking the path of the Survivors with a car, tree, or any other moveable object which prevents them from advancing

- Any method of circumventing the Infected spawn timer

- Jumping with the hunter in such a manner as to artificially increase the damage of pounces (known as 'bunny hopping').

- Using map exploits to bypass the intended Survivor pathing, or skipping portions of any event/crescendo.

6.5. Clipping:  Clipping is when a Player is either boosted through a solid layer, or when a Player manipulates him/herself so that they can see through, move, or attack through any solid entity that they typically should not be able to such as a box or wall.

6.5.1. Tank Clipping: It is against the rules for a tank to attack through walls.

6.5.2. Hunter Clipping: It is against the rules for a hunter to jump through a crack in a manner that clips through a solid layer.

VII. Exploitation of Rules

If a Team attempts to manipulate or exploit these Game Play Rules in any way other than for its intended use, Officials reserve the right to make a final ruling on the rule in question for the given Match and\or Dispute.

( End of Rules )

Other Notes:

Like last year, there will be only one station dedicated to this tournament. Meaning we are being supplied (4) televisions, (4) Xbox 360 systems, (8) Xbox 360 controllers (some may be wired), and (4) legal copies of Left 4 Dead 2.

I am not the same person who was responsible for the tournament last year, and this year I expect things to stay as the rules state from when the tournament begins to when the tournament ends. I expect both quick and epic battles without the need to draw them out due to a team deciding to not move (which I will probably rule against). The games will be updated the day of the tournament to insure that patches have been added to the game for fair and updated gameplay. There will only be a limit of 32 people (eight teams) due to the length of the tournament, and/or the number of stations we've been provided. If we can somehow prove that Left 4 Dead 2 is an eligible, competitive, and most epic tournament, then perhaps next year we can be provided two stations so we may bump it to 16+ teams.

Registration Information:

I forgot how we're running the registration this year, if it's day-of or in-advance. But all four team members must be present to enlist, I must be given the team captain's number for contact. That includes if there's only one spot left, but only three members are present, but two teams want the spot, then whoever can bring me a fourth person first will get the spot. If the registration is the day-of the tournament, there will be NO roster changes. If the tournament registration is ahead of time, I will allow roster changes. There will be an infinite amount of space for the waiting list, and the teams will be contacted in order of enlistment. If for some reason none of the waiting list teams are able to make it... then I don't know.

Prizes are an IDK, sorry. I probably wouldn't tell you guys even if I did know, just for the dramatic effect.

Is there anything I haven't covered? Or something you wish to say or make a dispute against? Post it here. I will allow these rules to change until Day Zero (Thursday, May 27th) of Fanime.. unless Xplizit makes me change them after that. :(
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