Journalist looking to interview FanimeCon cosplayers!!

Started by MetroNewspapers, May 20, 2010, 12:01:21 AM

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I'm Curtis Cartier with Metro Newspapers and I'm writing a cover story feature about cosplay culture for the Metro Silicon Valley ahead of FanimeCon in San Jose.

I'm hoping to interview anyone who is going to the convention and is currently working on a costume. Please give me a call at (831) 457-9000 xt. 214 or an email at

Thanks a ton!!

Curtis Cartier
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Just wanted to make a post to say that this is not SPAM and is approved by FanimeCon. :)
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What sort of questions should we expect? And where should we be looking for you once the con kicks off?
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Indeed...or..should we be looking at the convention for you? It sounds like you want the information ahead of time :)
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I'll check this out, ive always wanted to be in a newpaper... for a good and productive reason!

e-mail sent.   :)

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Hey guys! The story would come out next Wednesday so our readers could read about the Convention and about cosplay then go to it if they wanted to.

And yeah, I need to get going, so I'd be looking to talk ASAP. Also if any of you make your own costumes I'd love to come meet in person if you are going shopping for materials or fixing up a costume (good first person stuff to write about).

So yeah, I hope that helps!