What are YOUR Fanime 2010 plans?

Started by abcbadcat, May 23, 2010, 04:07:40 AM

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Every year I always end up missing events but this year, I am making a list of things to be prepared. Using the 2010 schedule that was just put on the main page, what events do YOU plan on attending?


MY plans

3PM - Arcade Room Opens
5PM - Pick Up Badges
8PM - Swap Meet @ Hall 3

Noon - Street Fighter Third Strike 1v1 @ Hall 3
3PM - Who's Shen Long 2D Fighter 101 @ Marriott Salon 3
4PM - Chess Tournament @ Hall 3
6PM - FLOW Music Fest @ Civic Auditorium
7PM - Yu-Gi-Oh Qualifier @ Hall 3
7PM - Fanime Game Show @ Stage Zero
8PM - Swap Meet @ Hall 3
9PM - Texas Hold-Em Qualifier @ Hall 3

1PM - DS Players @ Stage Zero
3PM - Yu-Gi-Oh Day 2 Qualifier @ Hall 3
4PM - Ronin Warriors @ SJCC A8
6PM - Super Street Fighter IV 1v1 @ Hall 3
6PM - Masquerade @ Civic Auditorium
7PM - Comedy Club at Fanime @ Marriott Salon 4:6
8PM - Texas Hold-Em Day 2 Qualifier @ Hall 3
8PM - Fanime Game Show @ Stage Zero
8PM - Whose Line is it Fanime @ Marriott Salon 4:6
8PM - Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO 2 @ SJCC A2
10PM - Banzai Arcade @ Marriott Salon 4:6
10PM - Rum Party @ SJCC Concourse (Hilton Side)

11AM - Street Fighter Charity w/KEN MASTERS @ Stage Zero
11AM - Yu-Gi-Oh Panel
1PM - Yu-Gi-Oh Finals @ Hall 3
1PM - Tetris DS 1v1 @ Hall 3
3PM - SSBB 4-way FUBAR @ Hall 3
3PM - Sword of the Stranger @ Ballroom B
5PM - Monopoly @ Hall 3
6PM - Street Fighter II: Animated Movie @ SJCC A3:A6
7PM - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure @ SJCC A8
8PM - Fanime Game Show @ Stage Zero
8PM - Texas Hold-Em Finals @ Hall 3


Definite schedules don't exist at Fanime; something crazy is bound to come up and 'cause you to miss something.

Instead of making a schedule, I list a few things that I'm definitely not going to miss e.g. concert, game show, etc... :)

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Quote from: Xanreo on May 23, 2010, 04:16:49 AMsomething crazy is bound to come up and 'cause you to miss something.

This is very true but if I have any lazy/downtime, I can just check out my list and find something to do.

Its better than being unprepared


i also dont do the schedule thigie. just enjoy it as it comes!
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Attend concerts, maybe see  panel. And take pics and video and buy stuff. I still have to look at the scheadual more.


Thursday- Selling at swap meet/playing in the arcade
Friday- FLOW concert @6
Saturday- I'll figure it out.
Sunday- Go home in the afternoon.

That is my very rigid schedule. ph33r.
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Drive to San Jose.
Check into hotel.
Meet a few people I promised to meet up with.
Get badges.
Swap Meet
Explore what's available.

Morning is open
FLOW concert
Meet some people from my group
Swap Meet again

Group Breakfast
Dealers Room
Artists Alley
Relax and Enjoy

Cosplay Checkers
Naruto Gathering
Shonen Jump Gathering
Disney Gathering
Black and White Ball

Enjoy what Fanime time is left.
Cry that it's all over.

Check out of Hotel
Drive Home.
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I've got a suuuuper long list of what I'm hoping and have to go to and I'm not done organizing it all out yet. xP It'll definitely be more than I can manage of course, and I'll always allow for changes in plans but I do intend to plan out in general most of what I want to hit.
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Friday night: RWBY (incomplete)
Saturday morning: Arrietty
Sunday afternoon: Ruby w/ Adam (RWBY, no scythe)
Monday: Arrietty


I attack my schedule with several highlighter colors. One color is for events that I will definitely attend. Then I use one color for events that I would like to see if I am free. And finally I use one for events that sound cool but I can easily skip (video rooms often fall into this category).

That way I am all set. I can plan for the big events and them make quick decisions on the rest depending on circumstances. I almost always have some place I can go sit down even if its 4 am in the morning. I fill the rest of the time with all the open ended events like the game room, artist alley, dealer room, swap meet and maid cafe.

*whew*  :o


This is the rough schedule for me;

Thursday: Original Kodona Outfit
*Arrive at Fairmont Hotel by 3pm for Check-in.
*Dinner(Time: ???)
*Swap Meet
*Nothing scheduled after

Friday: Surprise Cosplay, Black Rock Shooter
*9am-11am Cosplay- uncertain, I may not cosplay during this time as I want to see what the rest of the convention's about.
*12:30pm- Surprise Gathering
*Photoshoot... Don't know the time yet
*Vocaloid Gathering
*8PM: /Panel/ Basic Cosplay Photography
*Swap Meet

Saturday: Surprise Cosplay
*12am: /Panel-Video/ Yaoi, nuff said.
*11am Surprise Gathering
*12pm lunch
*4pm Cosplay dodgeball
*9pm /Panel/ Bishounen Bingo
*10pm /Panel/ Sex Trade in Anime or Bishounen Panel

Sunday: Dr. Franken Stein
*12am: /Panel-Video/ Yaoi, nuff said.
*2pm Photoshoot
*Meetup sometime with friend
*Nothing scheduled after 2pm

Monday: Reno FF7 or B.J. from TWEWY I don't know yet, depends on weather
*12am /Panel/ World of Yaoi
*Nothing scheduled

I'll adjust it when the time comes.


All Days: -Get Video Footage of Fanime.


All days: Sitting at the Datesim.org booth in the Artist's Alley, promoting a free dating sim game  ;D


I am mainly going for the LM.C concert and autograph session! I'm sooo EXCITED!!! But I'm going to also have fun going to the raves everynight and meeting new people. =^-^=


suggestions as to what i should NOT miss in this event?  first time going to a con so i have no idea what to expect.


^ Check out the schedule and just go to whatever catches your fancy, really.

My schedule is mostly working part-time in the dealer's hall,
check out the swap meets,
attending the lolita meet-up,
modeling in the lolita fashion panel,
attend a waltz lesson,
eat at the maid cafe again,
and go to the raves~


for me...
i just scheduled the anime times.
i'll do some random stuff between times.


10AM      Jungle Emperor Leo 2009

NOON      Summer Days with Coo

~ 2:45PM   Slayers Revolution 1-5

6PM      Lupin the 3rd 1-5

9PM       (Game room) Super Mario 1 Speed Run (will not be playing, just watching.)

10PM      Strike Witches 1-2


6AM       Galaxy Express 999 (1979)

8AM       Bamboo Blade 1-5

10AM       Nyan Koi! 1-5

~ 12:30PM   Lupin III v Detective Conan


NOON    Slayers Revolution 6-7

3PM       Lupin III: The Last Job


1PM       Slayers Revolution 8-13
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