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Started by cptaizen, May 25, 2010, 01:40:32 AM

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I'm quickly organizing a "Speed Dating Overflow" -/- "Anime Dating Overflow" party at O'Flaherty's Bar on 5/29 (Saturday night)
I'll be talking to/bribing the ownership of the bar tomorrow 5/25 morning. Provided we have a large '21+ overflow' following. If you are interested, or otherwise alcoholic in ur costume, twit me @captaizen to be counted. The more rejects I can name, the more pull I have to make space for us...

cosplay optional but encouraged. local laws mandatory. bar policy obligatory.

me~ @captaizen
bar~ @oflahertys


just from an initial standpoint you may want to reconsider the title/name of your gathering.

we dont really want to insinuate that FanimeCon "rejected" anyone as that is not the truth of the matter...

simply put- many will apply, few will be chosen to participate.

please try to put a more positive spin on your gathering, because i dislike the tone and precedent that your setting stating that just because your single and not dating doesnt mean that your being "rejected" in anyway.

that and i think your totally posting in the wrong sub forum. but i could be wrong. if its a cosplay gathering great, but this seems more like a social gathering and requires participants to be 21+ so you need to be more clear about that so that we dont encourage the minors to randomly show up at a bar.

Girls and guys appreciate ppl who follow/read and respect the rules or a given situation and make the most of it and turn it towards a more positive outlook.

but thats my 2 cents and your totally valid to share your opinion...
im just being polite in saying that i dont agree with your "rejected" notions.
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well said... can u delete this thread?
how about "Speed Dating Alternates?" or "Fanime Adults" or "Cosplay Bar Golf" ?


i suggest locking this thread and putting a link to the other thread that you created in the Meetings and Gathering sub forum.

request redirect link and lockage of this thread

please edit for positive spin on title.

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Games, Friends & Fanime oh my! :D