Hamtaro Dodgeball!!!

Started by abcbadcat, May 26, 2010, 06:55:44 PM

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A few years ago, three friends and I started playing dodgeball in the far corner of the Arcade room with plushies. Eventually people became interested, brought more plushy dodgeballs, and joined in. It seemed like a big success and I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in doing this again some time this year. I was possibly thinking of Sunday night in the far right back corner of Hall 3 (E-Gaming/Arcade room).

I will be wearing a hamtaro backpack during the con as well as bringing a small hamtaro plush that we can use as a dodgeball. I would love it if people made it out to this and brought other small plushies we could use to add to the mayhem.

We can use this thread for questions/comments/discussion :D


Sounds like fun~
I'll join in if I manage to catch you guys.
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ill wear my cham cham cosplay for the occasion  since she is a cat girl thats the color scheme i made  it would look hilarious a cat girl dodging rodents
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