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Started by HarpB, May 30, 2010, 07:25:41 AM

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If anyone has pictures or videos of me, that'd be awesome. I'm the guy with the kazoo and guitar, with the case hanging off the back.


If anyone has pictures of the Trinity Blood gathering from Sunday - I would love to see the pictures.
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d man n

Anyone have code geass pictures? Particulary lelouch?
Will there be LEMON!!!!???????


Quote from: HeeroYuy135 on June 01, 2010, 12:28:28 AM
I have 400+ pictures up

this was my first fanime event. i had a blast. i totally heart one of the staff girls at the main stage. shes a cutie.


Quote from: d man n on June 01, 2010, 12:52:52 AM
Anyone have code geass pictures? Particulary lelouch?

i took a lot of Lelouch ;o mostly as Lelouch in Zero/Emperor form though :u;;


Quote from: cateyedprincess on June 01, 2010, 12:15:11 AM
I was cosplaying Toph with blind eye contacts in...if any of you have pictures, I'd really love to see them!
Ah, I think I got a picture of you with another Toph cosplayer.
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Fanime 2010 general
Ace Attorney gathering
Sunday's Touhousplosion
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Does anyone have any pictures of my boyfriend and I? It was a very special thing for both of us but we didn't get any pictures of us in our costumes TOGETHER (makes me sad panda) I was wearing a red jacket, white shirt, and was carrying a sword he was cosplaying Vash/Alucard
me on far left by the Repo cosplayers
(these are the only pictures I have of us in our costumes O___O it'd be nice if someone had a pic of us standing next to each other lmao)


Does anyone have any of the Shugo Chara or Soul Eater gatherings? :D
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Still looking for photos of my Mijumaru cosplay.. xD Preferably individual pictures.
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Quote from: milkychu on June 01, 2010, 12:03:59 AM
I put most of the pictures that I took on my deviant art page hoping for people to see their cosplays there.

^^ are you this TEAM MAGMA??

Why yes I am! Thank you!


Haha, I suppose that wasn't very specific, seeing as there's four of us in that picture. I'm the one on the far right.

...Also, does anyone happen to have any Shadow Heartless pictures? That was also me :D


Heya! im looking for my geno from mario rpg cosplay and my dan hibiki from street fighter cosplay. lemme know if ya have any :)


Looking for photos of my friend and I ! We were dressed as Kamijo and Hizaki. ^^ That's us in my icon~

Merci à l'avance. =D
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I was Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. Thanks!   ;)