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Started by HarpB, May 30, 2010, 07:25:41 AM

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I just wanted to post that the original thread I started had to be revamped so here is the new link to the Cosplayer "One Stop Shot Shop" ~,14600.0.html

If you have FanimeCon 2010 coverage of any type please post your link (s) and add any description to place it in one of 5 posts for people to find your work :)

If you are already there (on one of the 5 posts) please make sure that I have everything you wanted out there of your FanimeCon 2010 coverage :)

Thank you
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I've gone through every page and every link in this thread, and found nothing; but if anybody has shots of my friend and I doing Meryl and Jonathan from Metal Gear Solid 4, I'd love to see.  I'm having a hella bad time finding pictures. 
Here's a reference picture. 


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I was cosplaying Toph with blind eye contacts in...if any of you have pictures, I'd really love to see them!
Ah, I think I got a picture of you with another Toph cosplayer.

I have the same photo, just from another angle on my DA

I also have Rakushun from Twelve Kingdoms, an unknown cosplay duo, Mario and co., and mostly Princess Tutus shots.


Ahh I've looked through about a thousand pictures so far with no luck. Did any of you recall taking a picture of Professor Layton with an overly tall Luke? Me and my brother went there as first time cosplayers, and didn't realize how hard it would be to get pictures afterward >.>. Thanks for any help!


I've been able to find a bunch of pictures of my Juri cosplay, but only one picture of me with the Akuma cosplayer. We did a few fighting poses together with me standing on him and I know there was a mini crowd around us, but for some reason I've only seen one on Flickr. Anyone have any?

and DarkfallDC...Taylor?


Si? What's up Allison? =D.


 Did anyone get pictures of stage zero on Sunday around 8:30 to 9:30 P.M.?


anyone get pics of adon, milk, or pocky? (the one that showed up in that cosplay only on saturday)


Quote from: r3za1264 on June 20, 2010, 08:24:07 PM
anyone get pics of adon, milk, or pocky? (the one that showed up in that cosplay only on saturday)

Could this perhaps be you?


Hello guys! Fanime 2010 was the first time I cosplayed and I enjoyed it a lot and met a lot of fun people. I am looking for some pictures taken of me when I was cosplaying with my brother who was cosplaying as Zero from Vampire Knight. For Friday, I was L from Deathnote and for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, I was dressed as Chunnin Exam Sasuke. I would love to find pictures of me or my brother so we can see what we need to improve on for SacAnime in September.

Also if you saw me at Fanime, I would love to some tips/advice on what I need to improve on. Thanks a million guys!


Heres my album from this years Fanime. :D

Feel free to take them and contact me if ya like. ^_^ I had a lot of fun at this years Fanime and it was good to see friends old and new. :D
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Just wondering if anybody got any pictures of me cosplaying as North Italy from Hetalia.  =p  Here's my youtube account if you wanna see what I look like.

Also, my friend, Kai-chan was cosplaying as Jango from One Piece.  If you have any pictures of him, that would be great!  There are also pics of what he looked like on my Fanime video on my youtube.

Thank you so much!  c(^.^c )
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Yuki Valentine

Here's my facebook photo album for Fanime 2010.  I also have albums for 2008 and 2009 as well, so please feel free to check them out.  ^.^!/album.php?aid=12767&id=100001285436558
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I have the photos from FanimeCon 2010 loaded up on my AnimeVice profile. Feel free to see the 70+ images from my 1-day there (Friday, May 28th, 2010) on the link below. Contains VOCALOID, Bleach, Street Fighter, Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear Solid, Yu Yu Hakusho, Naruto, and other cosplayers from the day.
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