Post Fanime 2010 Cosplayer "Did you take my picture?" thread

Started by vizualkai, May 31, 2010, 06:10:19 PM

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I was Rin Kagamine and my boyfriend was Len Kagamine from Vocaloid. We were there on Sunday and Monday.

Here is a few photos of us that I found on flickr!

Please let me know if anyone of you took pictures of us! Thanks!! <3


Keine from Touhou Project here. Let me know. Thanks!


I was:

Saturday: Plusle and Minun (Pokemon. Girl and "guy". We both had bright wigs. I'd LOVE these pictures!)

Sunday: Hinata and Kiba (Naruto. My jacket was open. I was hoping to find these too.)

Monday: Mew Berry (Tokyo Mew Mew. White cat/bunny girl with long blond hair. I dont even know if anyone took these.)

Any of these would be LOVED.
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On sunday we were the big-ish doctor who group. Looking for photos of all four of us together or will take whatever you have (Dr.Who, Rose and two weeping angels) Thanks in advance! PM please.


Okay, here we go:

I was Luffy from One Piece on Days 0, 2, and 3
Aizen from Bleach on Saturday, Hueco Mundo version in the morning and Captain version for the Masquerade
Kakuzu from Naruto on the Sunday gathering
Giovanni from Pokemon for the first half hour of the gathering and during the B&W Ball
Kyon from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya on Monday morning
Nagi Springfield from Negima during the rest of Monday

If you have any pics of me, please let me know. I'm also looking for any pics from the Cosplay Battles and Negima Gathering. Thanks a lot!
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Hope you can attend 'em!


Anyone get pictures of the Killer 7 group around the convention?

There were 3 of them(Mask/Con/Coyote).


I was Mask.


I was Flaaffy from pokemon on saturday. Pink dress, big white scarf.
Pictures from the pokemon gathering would be great also if anyone has them.


I was dressed as Simca from Air Gear all weekend. Over 26 pictures were taken of me and I'm curious as to where the pictures are, so if you took my picture please send the link to me :) Thank you.

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I was Kyouya Ootoi (from Ouran HSHC) with a big box of strawberry pocky throughout Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Looker from Pokemon Platinum on Saturday.

Blu Scout with BONK! on Sunday.

Touya no Miko

My cosplays:

Friday: Hungary from Hetalia. I was the one selling in the swap meet.

Saturday: Ten years later Squalo from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. I was running the gathering.

Saturday: Alice Liddell from Heart no Kuni no Alice or ALice in the country of hearts.

Sunday: Squalo again. Poland from Hetalia, then Alice again.

Monday: Alice again.
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Friday: The Ninth Doctor
Saturday: Dr. Franken Stein
Sunday: Russia (Morning)/Fr. Alexander Anderson (Afternoon)

Hit me up with a PM if you caught me in any one of these, especially at the gatherings.  :)


Pics of me anyone?

Friday: Death Note - L
Saturday: Casual Final Fantasy - Vincent Valentine (I was with two Clouds and a Zack)
Sunday: Naruto Shippuden - Hyuuga Neji (had white contacts in and attended the Naruto Gathering)



Ai from Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro
 (, (
'tis the one with the purple hair and jacket. my skirt was black.


"Masky" from Marble Hornets.......sort of.
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any pictures are greatly appreciated, thank you! :D


Hello! Friday evening, I was Ness. For the most of Saturday, I was Link from Twilight Princess, and switched back into Ness at night. For both Sunday and Monday, I was Ness.

Thank you very much!


I was Hirako Shinji from Bleach and Spirit from Soul Eater on Saturday

Sunday I was Formal Allen from D.Gray-Man
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Friday and Saturday I was Kagome (no wig, no bow or arrow, very asian >.>;;;  )

and I was in VK clothes (Visual You clothing; black buckle pants, black tanktop with design, belt purse, armwarmers with stripes, and zipper face mask) on Sunday 'cause I was part of the Visual You fashion game show.
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Hi guys. Only day I cosplayed was on Monday as the guy in the business suit, backpack, and the horse mask wandering around with classy pyramid head.



Wondering if anyone took pictures of my boyfriend and I

Friday I was Velvet from Odin Sphere
my boyfriend was John Marston from Red Dead Redemption

Saturday we were Snake and EVA from Metal Gear Solid 3

Sunday we went back to our Friday costumes and for a second we were Dr. Stiles and Nurse Angie from Trauma Center, but no one took any pictures of that D: