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Lets talk sad and funny at the same time.

The WBC people did show up                         ...all four of them.
There was crowd of about 150 attendees counter protesting.  The WBC people had so few people, they had to hold four signs each.
They left after half an hour.  I will give them brownie points for not yelling, or using a bull horn.  I'll post pictures later (the wifi here in my hotel is slooooooooooow).

Video found

Lol. Just like us, the fanboys at Comic con made a hilarious party out of the situation.(they have a Jesus too.XD)
I'm surprised how low key the WBC seemed. They didn't seem as determined as the jerkoffs we have to deal with.
They were like those sign twirlers you see on the corner but with less enthusiasm.


I think its so funny when they are there. ^_^ They must really have boreing lives if they have to protest outside of a building full of fun loveing anime nerds XP so many vids of the on youtube


I encountered these EXACT same people at the Iron Maiden concert I went to last month. I took a couple of pictures and there is a youtube video I also captured.

You can see that the same black woman is in both images, same type of clothing too.

I THINK THEY'RE AFTER ME!!!!  :o :o :o


Just a thought. Is there any chance of nabbing their usual spot with our own peaceful gathering?

There's enough of us we could rotate folks for it on a half hour basis and allow everyone to still make all the panels/gatherings they wish to. It may not stop them but it would force them to move further away from the convention center.
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^ I like the idea, it could work. Maybe use their area for another cosplay photo shoot gathering spot.


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