Post-Con Fanime 2010 Ninja Discussion Thread

Started by abcbadcat, June 01, 2010, 04:06:26 PM

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If you were in the gaming hall AT ALL during Fanime weekend, you probably saw a game of ninja going on. I played last year and was so excited to see how well received and enthusiastic everyone was about it.

One of my favorite moments playing ninja was doing a bunch of Street Fighter attack poses and doing the Dragon Ball Z fusion pose with other players (and agreeing NOT to attack).

Remember, teach the game to your friends and play during the summer. We should all meet up on a beach and play ninja and BBQ some day :D


o_o I am so down! Perhaps a park would be better than the beach though? I foresee sand being kicked in people's faces.


i agree with aeredon  i can see sand shots to the face . but it will definately improve more air attacks. but yea im game for it still.


Hmmmm... well also very close to fanime is the Children's Discovery Museum with the giant Monopoly board, we could play there and set the board as boundaries


well i was leading a group doing that in the unused chess board in the game room and it worked well


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Quote from: Boozer on June 02, 2010, 12:13:15 AM
well i was leading a group doing that in the unused chess board in the game room and it worked well

Nick! Hey I was sad you guys didn't go to dealer's hall Monday to see me but I heard someone was imitating me and playing ninja in a chair like I did Sunday past midnight.
Friday I encouraged some of the artists. Saturday I worked as a dealer. Sunday, I taught a few people how to Salsa. After midnight I played NINJA in a chair due to injury. Monday I worked as a dealer again and all through out the weekend helped ppl.


I didn't partake, but I watched several games in the gaming room going on after midnight everyday. Was weird how those people were able to continuously keep the game going with a large crowd for the majority of it for like 6-10 hours at a time xD. The hell, people xD I know theres little to do that late, but 10 hours of ninja! Well it's kinda impressive too. lol