Masquerade Winners / Program / Judges for 2010

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Hi everyone,

Here's the full Cosplay Spectacular 2010 Program:

Special Performances:
SP1   Taiko
SP2   Karaoke Winner: Kimberly Ling

Display Entries:
W1     Kyouteki Cosplay
W2     Final Fanime
W3     Mokona's Trippy Adventure
W4     Zalera the Death Seraph
W5     Minna No Nur-Puppy
W6     Spanish Otaku
W7     Yin and Yang
W8     Neko Bus

Performance Entries:
0     Who's Cosplay Production
1     Roughly Seven Zebras
2     AniMaid Cafe
3     I Can't Believe It's Not Better
4     Project Victory Cosplay Theatre
6     Spilled Milk Cosplay
7     Face Full of Fire & We're Not Twins
8     Super Yaoi Brothers
9     Pokemon Masters of the Universe
10     LoLorado
11     The Coolest Geeks You Know
12     Lady Saru
13     Undergrad Heroes
14     Wharrgarbl Cosplay
15     Three Dollar Laugh Cosplay and Candy Mountain Cosplay
16     ASKEW
17     Bejitaballs
18     Trainers from Basara!
19     Saltine Cracker Smores
20     Captains and Rum
21     Serious Business
22     Alphonse Elric
23     BakaBakaRangorz
24     Angel Hearts
25     PaperSwordParty
26     Kizuna Cosplay
27     Angelic Threads
28     Nobodies production
29     Sauerkraut and Soda Cosplay
30     I'm Just a Duck Productions
31     U.M.A.I. Productions
32     2D Costuming
33     The Crystal Chronicles
34     Hetalite Cosplay
35     Super Junior
36     Lucy Heartfilia
37     Ninja Shank
38     Touhou Hearts
39     Disgruntled Pixies
40     Sinfully Delicious
41     Paper Umbrella
42     Animator
45     Pastry Lovers
46   Epic Fail Productions


Cosplay Spectacular Judges' Bios
Wayne Kaa has been costuming for over 10 years, and is returning to judge the FanimeCon Cosplay Spectacular for the fifth consecutive year.  He is known for making props, humorous skits, and brainwashing fellow cosplayers to do his bidding.  With over 100 costumes created, it is difficult to pin down a favorite, but recently he has been known for the Swedish Chef from the Muppet Show.  He holds leadership positions at Anything Goes School of Masquerade Arts, USA Musume, and A.C. Paradise, a cosplayer database.

Laura, also known as Tokyo Kitty, has been cosplaying since 2000, winning numerous awards for her costuming work with the group Ayashii Cosplayers.  She was a part of the US group entry for the World Cosplay Summit in 2005, and is the current United States event organizer.  She has worked as a cosplay events organizer and a judge for various conventions.  She is involved with the anime-based stand-up comedy group called AC03 Presents Whose Line is it? Anime!  She and her cosplay partner-in-crime just started a clothing and accessory company called Neko Planet.

Janet Chiarulanza, known as Hime no Toki to the cosplay community, is a master level cosplayer from Florida.  She has been making costumes for nearly seven years, specializing in sewing and leatherworking.  Alongside her is Chris Cruz our 4th cosplay judge, and specializes in creating props, and leatherworking.  Together they continue to making stunning creations based on their favorite characters and enjoy bringing them to life, with an emphasis on accuracy, attention to detail, and craftsmanship.


Here are the winners:

Group 32, 2D Costuming

Craftsmanship Division

2. Junior/Youth Achievement
Group 6, Spilled Milk Cosplay

3. Best of Division: Advanced Craftsmanship, Group
Group 10, LoLorado

4. Best of Division: Advanced Craftsmanship, Individual
Group 7, Fujimoto from Face Full of Fire & We're Not Twins

5. Best of Division: Craftsmanship, Group
W5, Minna no Nur-Puppy

6. Best of Division: Craftsmanship, Individual
Goup 16, ASKEW

7. Design Award
Group 3, Katie from I Can't Believe It's Not Better

8. Judges' Award
Group 17, Bejitaballs

9. Judges' Award
Group 27, Angelic Threads

10. Honorable Mention, Group
Group 21, Serious Business

11. Honorable Mention, Individual
W4, Zalera the Death Seraph

12. Honorable Mention, Group
Group 33, The Crystal Chronicles

13. Honorable Mention, Individual
Group 13, Three Dollar laugh Cosplay and Candy Mountain Cosplay

Performance Division

14. Junior/Youth Achievement
Group 0, Who's Cosplay Production

15. Best of Division: Performance, Group
Group 11, The Coolest Geeks You Know

16. Best of Division: Performance, Individual
Group 42, Animator

17. Best Dramatic Skit
Group 41, Paper Umbrella

18. Best Comedic Skit
Group 8, Super Yaoi Brothers

19. Best Choreography
Group 24, Angel Hearts

20. Judges' Award
Group 19, Saltine Cracker Smores

21. Judges' Award
Group 4, Project Victory Cosplay

22. Honorable Mention, Group
Group 13, Undergrad Heroes

23. Honorable Mention, Individual
Group 45, Pastry Lovers

24. Honorable Mention, Group
Group 37, Ninja Shank

25. Honorable Mention, Individual
Group 29, Sauerkraut and Soda Cosplay


Awesome, thanks for posting this!

IIRC, the results from last year were very detailed and listed who did what character from what anime/game in each group.  Is this info available also as well and can it be posted?  I was looking forward to it and would really appreciate it!  Thanks!
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