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Manga Fox vs. One Manga

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I just heard of Manga Fox and One Manga, and I have no clue if there's a difference or which one is better than the other.

Any opinions?


lol,  I've been on OneManga for a while now, havent ever heard of mangafox.  one manga has the nifty press right button to turn the page setting and a really good selection of manga.  I shall check out mangafox since it looks kinda nice lol

Admiral Donuts:
People have also done a lot of neat add-ons for Firefox so you can alter the display at OneManga... I like to show the whole issue on one page.


--- Quote from: Elimeno on June 10, 2010, 01:45:46 AM ---GO BUY MANGA!!!

--- End quote ---

I know I have to go buy manga, but I'm broke -.- I try to read them online first, and if I like it I buy it. I don't like buying something I'm never gonna pick up again.

i hate reading online.. it's not the same ;_;.. and i hate the scantalation thingermahbob. :u

and im not sure which site it was but

i heard one of them gives you viruses :/


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