Manga Fox vs. One Manga

Started by amaya_JDB, June 10, 2010, 01:38:01 AM

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onemanga (when it was still open, obviously). the stupid ads on mangafox annoy the crap out of me x_x

Valkyrie Ryu

what browser do you use that you still see ads? O.o Chrome has adblock plus too I'm pretty sure


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I choose neither! Before it was One Manga but I switched to no ads!
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I don't have a fav, I started out with one manga but then they lost a few mangas so I went to manga fox, but one manga has stuff I read there that manga fox doesn't have and vice versa


as for me i prfered one manga then it was shut down so stopped reading the manga
but now i hear that one manga is back so i am going to check it


mangafox have more manga but personally I like onemanga better, I think it is more organized.