Post 2011 Fanime "One Stop Shot Shop" update *6/7*

Started by BSaphire, June 11, 2010, 07:01:08 PM

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I have 130ish on DeviantArt, mostly focused on Homestuck but also including other things (I know I got several Zelda pics in there).
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Here are my general con photos from Friday to Monday on Flickr and Facebook!
Feel free to add me, etc. :-)

Cliff Nordman

All my Fanime Photos will go in this set

Here's everything from Day 1.  Highlights include Prince of Persia, Sakura (CLAMP, not Naruto), DJs, and breakdancers!

Kyriea Here are all of my Friday pictures, all of my Saturday pictures will be coming up ASAP!

Mirai Noah




Here is my non-cosplay gallery:

And cosplay:

If a cosplayer don't like a pic I took of him/her, then me take pic down upon request  :)
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Yay, Haruko.


Here's me and my boyfriend's galley on Flickr:

Mainly a ton of pictures from the gatherings we were in (Ace Attorney, K-ON!, and Shin Megami Tensei).


~Swap Meet staffer: '10, '11, '12, '14


I finally had time to finish my Saturday picture post, with over 200 images:

FanimeCon 2011: Saturday

As always, message me if you want a large version of any picture. :)


Fanime 2011 Galleries

Sorry for taking a while in getting these up and out there, but here are my PhotoBucket links for this year's FanimeCon.  They've also been uploaded to Facebook over the course of the past several days, so my friends there have been seeing them during that time (though the photos are set to "friends of friends" so others have a reasonable chance to see and tag them if they know someone I know).


I'll add the Facebook links if anyone's interested in them, since there are so many thanks to the 200 photo cap on their galleries.

My Cosplay Photography gallery, including FanimeCon 2001-2014:

My DeviantArt Page:



Looking for the people who took my photo in this gown

and my photos of everyone are here:
I have a LOT of Hetalia meetup photos including photos of the proposal for those who wanted pictures of that. Please tag yourself if you like and feel free to add me. If you want higher resolution photos (I have photos the size of wallpaper) send me a message.

Cliff Nordman

Highlights include photographers under attack, Double K, amazing armor, and One Piece.

See Umbrella Troopers afraid of a 14-year-old, more amazing armor, breakdancing, choreographed fights, Vash, Ezio, High School of the Dead, and more.

Only one more photoshoot and Sunday to go.

Hikaru Shirou

Here's all my shitty pics. PLEASE comment if I've taken yer pic and I'll title appropriately. ;)
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