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the best college to go to for video game programming?

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I'm only 13 but i want to plan ahead for my future.I live in New Jersey.Is Princeton a good school to go to for video game programming.What classes will i take in college for my future career.

just so you know: nothing in this forum is about video game programming.

.....but this sounds like a odd spam post, so whatever.

maybe the kid misread the "programming" part and thought it was any kind of [computer] programming, not realizing this was a thread for video-programming as in a schedule of videos and not coding programing to make stuff via computers.

i dont know about east coast colleges that specialize in video games "development"

but theres alot of stuff in the west coast, especially in california and probably both so. Cal and the bay area of california.

my real question is - why ask this question on the forum when technically im sure you can "google" it.

Princeton is a good school for video game programming. There are some many other Game Programming institutions which offers good courses. Princeton also recommended some top institute out of 700 schools. Princeton also look for scholarships, financial aid and career opportunities.


Also, what exactly do you want to do?  Animation? AI? "Programming" is a broad term in the industry, so you need to figure out what you specifically want to do (or if you do, be more clear when inquiring about info). At your age, you should look to see if your high school (when you get there) offers any computer programming courses, or look to local colleges to see if they offer classes you can take for credit.

Also, you're in NJ?

TCNJ is the only school listed in the top 50.  So maybe check them out.


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