Volunteer Reimbursements from 2010 to be Mailed to Volunteers

Started by ae86co, August 10, 2010, 10:24:13 AM

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Hello Volunteers from 2010,

Due to some miscommunication, the Finance Department was not given a list of volunteers that were unable to make it to the reimbursement day for volunteers in Registration on the last day of Con.  I have been processing the requests as they come in.  Please email [email protected] so we can research your hours and get this straightened out.  Thank you to the volunteers that have brought this to my attention.  I apologize to anyone that has not yet received their reimbursement for volunteering.

Head of Fanime Finance
Antonio E.
FanimeCon 2003-2005 Registration Staff
FanimeCon 2006 Registration Second
FanimeCon 2007-2008 Registration Head
FanimeCon 2009 Finance Head


Hi Antonio,

I realize that it is now January 2011, but I'm shooting you an e-mail regarding a volunteer reimbursement that was never paid out.  Please keep an eye out for it!  Thanks :)
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