Evil Exes: fact or fiction?

Started by Jerry, August 12, 2010, 09:32:52 AM

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Do you have an evil ex?

yes, and theyre all bat sh*t crazy.
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Pst, I'm the crazy one in the relationship.
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I'm happily committed, to my wireless cell phone provider...
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I dont interact with the opposite sex
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So with Scott Pilgrim vs. The world coming out this Friday I was thinking... would it be worth it to fight for the girl of your dreams?

Time to fight against the Evil League of Exes:

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Evil Exes: Fact or Fiction?

      "You're nothing like my ex. She/he was crazy!" How many times have you heard this or said it yourself? The premise of the upcoming film Scott Pilgrim versus The World revolves around this popular concept of "evil" or rather, crazy exes. Sure, most of us never had to fight to the death with someone's ex but it's not a completely foreign notion. But what is the likelihood that everyone has had crazy exes?

      Think about it, if every person really had a "crazy" ex, wouldn't that make the entire world "crazy"? What does crazy even mean? Does a person have to become a serial stalker who breaks the windows on your car and spray paints "I Love You" on your door to be deemed crazy or is a couple of angry voice mails enough? Emotions and hormones are heightened when it comes to love, is it just the breaking up that makes us act a little cuckoo? Maybe we ARE all crazy but most of it is only limited to relationships.

      It is also possible that the person you are seeing currently is crazy. The likelihood of all your partner's exes being crazy is slim. Chances are, she/he is exaggerating. Maybe the exes reacted in a "crazy" way only to deflect your partner's crazy actions.

      There is, of course, the dreaded possibility that you are crazy. After all, crazy attracts crazy. You may not appear crazy with the initial infatuation surrounding your fevered affections. However, once your partner loses interest, knocking on his/her door at 5 AM because you didn't get a text reply might not be the best thing to do.

      Do you have crazy exes? Are you one yourself? Or are we all drama queens?


Believe it or not, I've been lucky enough to either cut my ties with exes, or just move on from friends that are no longer friends.

anyone else wanna share any interesting stories [omitting names and overly specific stuff of course]. but one thing is for sure, I'm gonna enjoy this movie:

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