increasing number of creepers at fanime?

Started by udonoodle, August 27, 2010, 09:20:48 PM

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semi - back on topic

again if at ANY time you feel harassed or being bothered by ANYONE including any staff or even fanime rovers

please report it ASAP --- it doesnt help us fix situation if you wait until after that fact or after Con...
its better to address these issues as soon as possible to make it a fun, enjoyable and positive experience for everyone

Thanks!  :)

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Define Creeper.

Hopefully this doesn't become some sort of age discrimination.  ;D
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Quote from: Jerry on November 09, 2010, 05:13:11 PM
Now with that said: please see the article or link below:

     Are you a creeper?

     I sometimes wonder how people can end up so socially awkward. It's especially bad for males because it dampens their chick-getting-abilities.

     Once you've been dubbed a creeper by one woman, all her friends will dub you a creeper. They'll spread the word, and you'll be shunned from your neighborhood! People won't make eye contact with you anymore. Parents cover their children's eyes in front of you and walk around your path as if you weren't just a creeper, but a pedophile too

     A whole chain of events happen when you're a creeper. I don't want these things to happen to the Mancouch readers so I took action and compiled a list!

     How do you know you're a creeper?  Well, you know you're a creeper when...

1. You Follow Girls

     You find yourself following a pack of attractive females at the club(mall, beach, other area where girls congregate in large groups) around. They're pretty, yes, but don't follow them. Following them will make you look like a desperate stalker, and will blow any chance you might have had with all of them.

2. You Stare at Girls

     You can't help but stare now at the same pack of girls. Even if you're not following them around, observing them from a distance is weird too. It's ok to glance every now and then, but straight up staring is odd. Just because people are pretty doesn't give you the right to stare (same goes for ugly people!)

3. You Invade Personal Space

     You find that you've mustered courage enough to approach the females you've had your eye on, remember to stay out of their personal space. No one likes their personal space to be invaded. You might have friendly intentions, but you're not cramped in an elevator. Take a step back!

4. You Touch Girls You Just Met

     You're talking to someone, and not stepping all over their personal space, just keep the conversation topic light and friendly. Just don't touch them. Don't massage their shoulders, or rest your head on their shoulder, or tickle their ribs, or anything! You've just met this person, you're not best buddies.

     Other signs that you're a creeper are (but not limited to):
         o watching someone sleep while eating popcorn like it's a movie,
         o going to the same coffee shop each morning just to "bump" into the same person you've seen every day for the last four months,
         o hiding in the bushes outside their home wondering where they are, etc.

  Now, here is to avoid "creepin"... don't do any of the above. Duh.

IF anyone is still doing this around at Fanime... Advise the Staff or Rovers.
kthanks. :)

age does not apply, if anyone does the following behavior --- please report it right away.
also this post was on the first page. k thanks.

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Sometimes age does apply... if you are older enough to be the person's parent or appear old enough to be the person's parent, then it's a little creepier than if you are the same age or at least closer in age.

If a guy is being non-creepily flirting with me and he is somewhat close to my age, whatever. If a guy is non-creeply flirting with me and he appears to be as old as my dad, that's creepier, especially if I am wearing something that makes me look younger (so that I look potentially underaged).


It's pretty simple, creepy is subjective.
If someone creeps you out, tell them to go away.
If someone asks you to go away, leave.
If they leave and do not invite you, do not follow.

If you are made uncomfortable in any way, speak to a rover or a staff member.

If that staff member happens to be me.... :)
I'll leave that to your imagination...
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^^ And if Eric creeps you out, please let me know so I can put him back in his cage.
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I thought this was about Creepers.


Anyway, every year my friends and/or I end up with girls that we meet at this con. So far none of us to do the "creeper" to get it, we're just ourselves. In fact, it's been quite the opposite where girls (of all ages that attend) usually end up stalking us (in not so much a dramatic way). And sometimes it'll create some drama within the circle because of one girl.

Once I had an issue where a girl wouldn't leave me alone. She claimed to have taken a picture with me at fanime, she was dressed as Faye Valentine and I was dressed as a Pirate (all my friends and I were pirates). I don't recall taking the picture with her however. Well, she found me on myspace months after that fanime and she started messaging me a lot. She initially lied about her age, said she was 18 and that she wanted to get to know me more (that we met at fanime), and lets meet up (we only lived a few miles from each other). I took it easy with this just incase. She showed me her pictures, we chat for awhile, etc etc etc. At some point, she goofed up and I found out she was only 16 (15 when she took a pic with me at the con).

She then claimed that she really liked older guys, and that she knew I wouldn't talk to her if I found out her real age, and all that. She was right, I wouldn't have. However she was still persistent for over a year and I was being nice, I just responded every so often when she messaged, and it was usually just small talk.

Then she took it too far... girls I were into, she would get into online arguments with them, to the point where I'm the one taking the blame. So after that, I cut her off for ever after she ruined my chances with others. She blew up online and then disappeared. I've only seen her once again at fanime, and she ended up with some dude which in a creepy twist, would fit my description.  :o

Anyway, my point is, creepy people WILL come in all colors, ages and genders. I had my fair share of creepy teenage stalkers throughout all of Fanime since the beginning. I don't see why this should be limited to older men though.

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Oh yeah that kind of thing happen to me.
Only difference being that the girl is My Bosses and Dad's Best Friend's daughter =/
That was a fearful summer indeed...

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Quote from: ZetsubouSensei on December 06, 2010, 03:06:18 AM
god i hate creepers


The only kind of creeper I've seen, I was about to do exactly what you did, but then i saw this...

Anyways, Yeah, I've only been to one con so far, so i haven't really seen a creeper yet.
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Now I recall the last "creeper" I did encounter, or more like my girlfriend encounter. It was a girl about my GF's age, early 20's. She was staring at my GF from far, them eventually approached her and flirted with her, telling her how pretty she was and making some physical contact. And I was right there, standing next to her!

Girls at conventions are creepy!


Quote from: Junon on January 03, 2011, 02:33:04 PM
Now I recall the last "creeper" I did encounter, or more like my girlfriend encounter. It was a girl about my GF's age, early 20's. She was staring at my GF from far, them eventually approached her and flirted with her, telling her how pretty she was and making some physical contact. And I was right there, standing next to her!

Girls at conventions are creepy!

Boys can be creepy. Girls can be creepy. Both can be creepy to the opposite sex, or the same sex if that is their poison.  Creepy is equal opportunity! :)
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it could be just that they troll too hard, or just plain creepy

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I've have run into a few creepers during fanime, but this was OUTSIDE of the con more so than inside. An old man who might have been a little drunk started hitting on me when I was waiting for the bus ride home. The situation became even more uncomfortable when he started touching my hand without my permission. Luckily there are people who will chase a creep away for you out of courtesy, but not because it's their job, unlike Fanime's staff.This was back in 2007, when I usually went to conventions alone. If you have friends, have them accompany you when you want to go out. Strength comes in numbers. Don't wander around into areas you're not familiar with and walk away immediately if some creep is being too personal with you. Be assertive if they can't take no for an answer. The staff can't do much to help you when you're not within the convention area.
OMG! What the Fugnuggets is going on?!


I used to know somebody who does all of what jerry listed. He hasn't been to Fanime for a very long time and I dunno if hes going to be there this year. I won't say his name but, I blocked him from my facebook....if he did go the number of creepers will go up to 100%!!!
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Reading this makes me also realize the other half of how people think people are creepy just because they approach them to talk/converse/hit on/flirt with someone.

Not that I'm saying you're wrong in feeling how you do, but sometimes people *are* just trying to be friendly and talk. Don't get offended if a guy comes on to you. It's when... they push too hard, follow you, don't take your declination, stalk, stare obsessively, or act inappropriately that makes them a creeper.

I.E. if I think a girl is attractive and I go up to talk to them, and say they're attractive and ask if they'd like to get dinner or something, that's perfectly fine. If I ask them to see their tits, or follow them around if they leave; Keep pushing for a yes answer after they decline my offer etc. that's creepy.


Personally I didn't have any creeper problems at Fanime. I come across more problems in the real world actually XD. But I did take precautions. I was in a group of 3 girls and 4 guys, they always made sure at least one guy was with a girl at all times, even just walking my friend to the maid cafe from our room in the Marriott. And they always stood close in elevators so no one could "accidentally" touch us. I also always wear shorts under skirts/dresses like the person who posted about upskirt shots said to do earlier in the thread.

I made sure to respect other people also, I always asked before taking a picture with someone or even just by themselves and always stood a few inches away so I wouldn't invade their personal space. I never asked to hug any certain character, though I know some people don't mind, I know others (like me) would rather not touch people they don't know.


I have never personally had any problems with creepers at Fanime, however my friend has. She and I were at the Black & White Ball, and I went to dance with some guy. When I got back, a very large girl was standing quite close to my friend, who looked incredibly uncomfortable.
When I got to her, the girl gave me an incredibly dirty look and walked off. Apparently she had been flirting heavily with my friend, who had to explain that she wasn't into other women. My friend told me that she had been trying to get her to dance when I returned.
This occurred 4 years ago, and I haven't had any problems since.