A Guilty Gear anime series? Sounds Good!

Started by Jyunishinsho, February 25, 2004, 09:20:34 PM

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Seeing the Guilty Gear X-2's movies over and over again, I really believe that an anime series for it (or a movie) is perfect! They can finally go indepth of the gear stories and we can finally see characters in action, without the button-mashing. Does anyone agree?


Guilty Gear has a Drama cd out, where it goes more indepth with the story line.. here the translations to the second one .. first ones link seems to be broken http://nekomikodai.otakalypse.com/temp/vol2.txt
But yes a Guilty Gear anime would be really nice to have
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The way it is


I would enjoy it.  The characters are so colorful.  I want to see more character interaction in a less strict format.



Just watching the 5 minute anime clip after beating Guilty Gear XX and being astonished by that 5 minutes alone convinced me that there HAS to be an anime based on this great game! If it is made I hope that the same people who did the one on the game are involved.

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