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Author Topic: Should Kids Be Allowed to Scream In Restaurants?  (Read 7397 times)

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Re: Should Kids Be Allowed to Scream In Restaurants?
« Reply #20 on: May 16, 2013, 04:02:45 PM »

Isn't anyone in these forums a restraunt manager/supervisor that could give insight as to such a situation?
Where I work, I handle the front counter so I'm required to watch the dining area. If someone is causing a disturbance and other customers complain or I see it as a serious issue to the comfort and enjoyment of other customers or staff members, I'm required to alert the on-duty supervisor or manager. After that, I'm either instructed to ask them to leave or the manager/supervisor does.
What would you suggest a customer do if they become impatient and don't want to wait for a supervisor? o_O
I would most likely do something about it that wouldn't overstep the bounds I have in my current position. Most of the time, when something looks like it could cause problems, the supervisor tells me ahead of time to tell them to leave if I think something is out of hand or we get complaints. I tend to have to deal with a bunch of high school kids making a huge mess in the dining room and bringing in their bikes and such.
bikes at a Cheesecake Factory?! o_O ?!! Wait, I think I confused you for someone else just now...

What would you do if communication with the customer is poor to begin with? Just still be persistant?
Yeah, I don't work at the Cheesecake Factory haha

If communication is poor then yes. Even if no one complains, I would just be observant of what's going on and make judgment calls on if it is disruptive or potentially disruptive.
at my store we cant really do anything about either- :/ guess thats wht separates restraunts from stores?
I believe that's what mostly sets them apart. I know restaurants are huge on customer satisfaction from the dining experience along with the food itself. They want them to feel comfortable enough to keep coming back.
I guess thats one disadvantage you guys have against us. You hold teh food- we hold the Teepee and food you'll be putting in your pantry.

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