2011 Kuroshitsuji: Afternoon Tea

Started by sael, November 08, 2010, 12:49:31 AM

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lol. I totally miss the tea party (funny enough it was behind us). Got sidetrack with those photos. Sure made the tea party more fun.


I wish I would have gone to tea, just that due to mild claustrophobia, the number of cosplayers in one area made me feel dizzy, hot, and sick. So I had to leave ): I had fun being Lizzie, and I hope the gathering next year is more like the 09-10 one with less people!
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It would seem that every year the gathering keeps getting bigger! Next year we'll be trying something new again - a sit down gathering/tea. It's all in the works still, but we're hoping to find an area with plenty of space and a relaxed atmosphere. As nice as the convention lobby was, we turned into quite the fire hazard.....


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