Marvel/DC Universe Gathering 2014

Started by bahamutknightzero, November 16, 2010, 04:58:25 PM

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Gathering list has been updated

By the look of things, we have eclipsed the 60 person barrier (the number of people going for sure = 61, if we include the maybes/undecideds it's over 70). I can't help but feel excited for this gathering


I might be seeing if I can drop by in my Tony Stark cosplay, depends on if I feel like putting on my facial hair then having to take it off an horu later to change characters for another gatherin :>


Sup! Forgot to post but I'm gonna be attending as JiM / Young Avenger's Kid Loki, and my friend will be Miss America!

Dr Mario

Will be back as Solomon Grundy this year. Can't wait.
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Hello everyone :>
I was lady deadpool last year and I will be going to Fanime as lady deadpool once again :)


I'll be showing up as Nolanverse Scarecrow.

Sunara Ishi

I'll probably be attending as Jean Grey as long as nothing comes up. (Huntress is postponed for now.)
I believe my friend also intends to attend.
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You can put me on the definitely coming list!  I'll be Harley Quinn from Arkham Asylum! :)
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*Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn- Friday and Saturday
*Marceline the Vampire Queen- Saturday
*Briar Rose- Sleeping Beauty peasant version- Sunday
*Super Sailor Venus-  Sunday or Monday


Gathering list has been updated. Getting very close to Fanime time ^_^


Hello all, I wanted to address two things:

1) First I would like to apologize with all of the constant moving of the gathering spots. When I was tracking the list through this topic to gauge the number of potential gathering participants, I was sure that the numbers would be able to work with the best possible location chosen to go with under the rather limited spaces due to the construction. Using the turnout from this year's gathering, there is a strong feeling that next year's gathering is going to have some kind of choice priority that the other large sized gatherings have. I have certainly considered using the park location for next year (the one in the middle area close to the tech museum and the Fairmont) just based on the feeling that the old location for the last two gatherings (in front of the main entrance) might've been a bit small to fit all the people we had this year without causing part of the entrance to be blocked.

2) In lieu of all of the difficulties that did come about from the unexpected moments, I personally do hope that these things didn't ruin people's experience of this gathering. The prior two years we're steps in the right direction, this year was a bit of a challenge with the cards that we were offered sort to speak, but stuff like that shouldn't take away from all of the positives that have come about from the fun that the cosplayers were having in the photo groupings. This year has certainly been a learning experience for what could be in store for 2014 and certainly would love to keep this gathering as being one of the most enjoyable gatherings for both the cosplayers and the photographers.

With all of that taken care of, photos of the gathering should be appearing all over the place and more pics will be up too. So for everyone that has taken the time to read this kind of long post; Thank you everyone for helping make this gathering a reality ^_^. Keep an eye out for the topic update in preparation for Marvel/DC Universe Gathering 2014

Thank you and enjoy.


Location difficulties aside, I still had a lot of fun. Hope everyone else did as well; next time the construction should be finished, so there should be more locations with more room. Can't wait to see the pics that people took!
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Hope you can attend 'em!


Bit of awhile but I have my con photos up (including the Marvel/DC Gathering)

As for the photos taken by the Cosplay Gathering Department, those should be up soon so keep an eye on the following link for all of the gathering pics:


Awesome pics, you guys!  I was gonna post mine but yours both blow mine out of the water, lol.  The gathering was a lot of fun once it got going!  I was there as Hawkeye sailor scout version :D


aww don't be shy, I wanna see your pics!


They're pretty much the same as the ones you guys posted, but not as nicely shot, lol.  But here they are, along with some other pics of me and the sailor avengers I was with :)


you're photos look great, I wasn't able to get any shots of everyone at a good angle cause the guy in the front wouldn't sit down ;/


Hello Everyone! If anyone is looking for more pictures of the Marvel vs. DC gathering here are the pics my friend took of it! Sorry if some of the shots are blurry cuz the auto focus was turned off so we didn't notice that till after.

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Hoping to find the Alan Scott Green Lantern as you and I, as Solomon Grundy, took a pic together. Love to get a photo of that if you're out there.
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