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Started by MissPanda, December 09, 2010, 04:13:53 PM

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Hello All Sailor Senshi! If you haven't guessed from the Subject line, this is the Sailor Moon Gathering for 2011. Last Year I was able to attend the Sailor Moon gathering and it was a BLAST! I had so much fun, and for my first convention you all made it great ^_^ Thank you! So last year we sadly had some problems for with thread leaders T_T and as no one has made one for 2011, I thought I would take on the challenge! So I am hoping to see many Sailor Senshi at Fanime this year, so if you would like to come to the gathering let me know! lets make this another great gathering! All Characters from any of the Sailor Moon anime, manga, myu, etc. are welcomed!

Day: Sunday
Time: Has changed to 2:30 pm
Location: FiF MS
(updated 5/25)

Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

List of attending ~ Character of attendee (updated 5/26)

- MissPanda ~ Super Sailor Mercury
- Lady Staba ~ Sailor Galaxia
- Robin-sena ~ Super Sailor Uranus
- carladawn ~ Super Sailor Neptune
- OpheliaCat8 ~ Sailor Jupiter, Stars
- jobiberry ~ Sailor Venus
- jobiberrys associacte 1~ Sailor Mars
- jobiberrys associate 2~ Sailor Moon
- PickachuRepublic ~ Sailor Venus
- Tarot ~ Sailor Mars
- kagaminerin02 ~ Mars
- impersona ~ Wheelchair Mercury X)
- azreale ~ Pluto or Mini Moon
- DayDreamerNessa ~ Sailor Moon
- White Rose Assassin ~ Human Luna
- LunarWarlock ~ Artemis
- M.Aslan ~ Sailor Mercury

List of possible attendee's ~  Character (updated 5/26)

- carnivali ~ Sailor Pluto
- MokurenTattoo ~ Sailor Neptune
- li0nxheartx  ~ Sailor Moon
- Jidai Geki ~ Tuxedo Mask

( Also as a thank you for everyone, there may be a little sweet treat for everyone at the end of the gathering, more info as we get closer to May ;D)


i might be able to go as pluto or maybe mini moon >.>
but i have the masquerade i have to do that night so 4 might not work >.<
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Catwoman (maybe)


There's talk among my friends that we might do the Sailor Starlights at fanime this year of we can get them done in time. If we do I'll talk to them about the three of us being there for the gathering if it's Sunday. ^_^ Otherwise if we do get them done but they're busy that day at that time to wear that cosplay I'll just wear mine, (Star Maker) and be there. But no definites as we still have to finish a few others before we even start on those three...


@ azreale It would great with what ever you choose ^_^ as for the time it is not set in stone. It was suggestion from last year, earlier is perfectly fine, but it does all depend on the time that is given to us, time submission are not until January 6th! I will keep an earlier time in mind as we get closer to that date! But we will be very happy to have you there!

@ Jingle It would be great to have you and/or your friends! Sadly last year no Sailor Starlights appeared for the gathering so you all we be very welcomed! If you have any questions on making outfits I will gladly help! I know the winter break is coming up for many and is prime time to get our cosplays down!


Due to time restraints and other cosplays that we started in October not even done yet. I think Sailor Stars might be pushed to next year, sadly. :( But we'll see.

monochrome tea

I'm going to try and go as Sailor Pluto. I was Pluto at the winter Sac Anime con~ :3
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@Carnival- That's great! i believe we meet there, with Princess Charmie right? hope you got your keystaff fixed ^_^ It will be amazing to have Pluto!


I'll try and attend as Sailor Neptune.
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I'm coming as Sailor Uranus! I'm really excited for this gathering. =)


@Robin-sena That's great! Be very happy to see you there!


I'm coming as Super Sailor Neptune to Robin-Sena's Super Sailor Uranus!


@carladawn will now I am really REALLY excited! The lovely Neptune and Uranus will be there!

As for everyone else! Please come! Sailor Moon was a happy classic for all of us and I hope we can pay our respects with our cosplaying!


I'll be there!  As Sailor Jupiter, stars version!
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@OpheliaCat8 Oh this is getting more and more exciting! We will be happy have you!

Jidai Geki

I'm not in the photo above, but I attended the FanimeCon Sailor Moon Gathering 2010 with my friend who coordinated it at the last minute... I was the TKamen standing (out of camera view) near the fountain... I retired the costume last year, but it can always be UN-retired... I'll keep this gathering near the top of my list for FanimeCon 2011


@Jidai Geki Thank you for keeping us in mind! Tuxedo Mask will always be a happy addition to the list, if we can convince you to un-retire him ^^


Oh, wait!  I totally didn't even look at the time.  If it's not 'til 4 on Sunday, then I might not, cuz of the Masquerade.  I'm doing a different cosplay for the Masquerade, so I'd have to have at least an hour to change before the mandatory 5:00 meeting.
Any chance it can be bumped up to 3:00??? 
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Fri  -  Kanae Kotonami, Skip Beat!
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So a common concern has been the time of the gathering at 4 which interferes with Masquerade check in time, I have sent a message to BSaphire who is in charge of the time slots, about changing the time from 4 to 2 same day and place. This will give everyone more time to change into any other costumes and have plenty of time to make it to check in! I'll let you all know if the time change is accepted, hope this makes it easier for all!


Coming as Sailor Venus!  And my 2 friends will be Sailor Mars and Moon<3 ^^V
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@jobiberry Oh how great! We will be happy to have all three of you!!

And for everyone else the time has been changed. We will be meeting at 2:30 pm instead of 4. Hope this works out for some of you!!